Art Source with Art Index Retrospective

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Art Index, Art Abstracts, Wilson Art Index, Art Index Retrospective, Art Retro, AI, AA, AIR, AS
Art & Architecture Complete, AAC
Art Full Text, Art FullText, ArtFullText, AFT

Art Source™ covers fine, decorative and commercial art, folk art, photography, film, and architecture, and also includes a database-specific thesaurus. Providing over 750 full-text journals, more than 220 full-text books, and a collection of over 63,0000 images (from Picture Desk and other sources), it covers many leading academic journals, magazines and trade publications, including periodicals published in French, Italian, German, Spanish and Dutch as well as English.  It also provides indexing and abstracting of podcasts, over 13,000 art dissertations, and indexing of almost 200,000 art reproductions, which provide examples of styles and art movements, including works by emerging artists.

Art Source was developed from a merger of EBSCO Publishing's Art & Architecture Complete database and H.W. Wilson's Art Full Text database, and includes many unique sources that were never previously available online.  It also includes H.W. Wilson's Art Index Retrospective database, providing indexing coverage back to 1929.

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