Alfred Hussey Collection: Japan's Constitution Photo Album


The Alfred Hussey Collection: Japan's Constitution Photo Album collection contains an album commemorating the enactment of Japan's constitution and is in English rather than Japanese. The album is housed in the Asia Library at the University of Michigan. It was produced by The Society for the Popularization for the Constitution. The Kenpo Fukyu Kai was founded on December 1, 1946, as a result of pressure from occupation officials to "thoroughly popularize the spirit of the new Constitution through activities to raise awareness of it so as to touch every aspect of the lives of the citizens." The society continued to carry out its tasks for a year or so after the 1947 promulgation of the constitution. The album was a gift from Alfred Hussey. Hussey was an attorney and an American officer during World War II. At the end of the war, he was sent to Japan as an officer. In that capacity (and as one with legal expertise) he was directed to assist with writing a draft for the new Japanese constitution. Japanese law treats the slides as government works and thus they are in the public domain.

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