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Academic Video Online (ASP)

Combined access to all of MLibrary's streaming video collections from Alexander Street Press. Includes American History in Video, Art & Architecture, Black Studies in Video, Classical Music in Video, Counseling & Therapy in Video, Current Affairs, Dance in Video, Dental Education in Video, Dokuseek 2 Complete Collection, Engineering Case Studies, Ethnographic Video Online, Filmakers Library Online, Food Studies Online, Human Rights Studies Online, Latin America in Video, LGBT Studies in Video, March of Time, Meet the Press, New World Cinema, Opera in Video, PBS Video, Psychological Experiments Online, Silent Film Online, 60 Minutes 1997-2014, Theatre in Video, World History in Video and World Newsreels.

Each film includes a transcript. Clips and playlists can be created, saved and shared.  Most videos can be downloaded to a mobile device.

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