UM Transforming Learning for a Third Century Grant (TLTC): artslabUM

ArtsLabUM: Bringing Entrepreneurial Skills to Students in the Arts at the University of Michigan

The UM Library Copyright Office was awarded a Transforming Learning for a Third Century (TLTC) grant to connect students from across the university to work on creative and entrepreneurial projects based in the arts. ArtsLabUM will host a variety of seminars, workshops, and more intensive student projects (most notably, a new student-run record label) designed to increase the opportunities for students to engage in practice-based learning relating to the complex and unique issues in copyright law, arts entrepreneurship, and the complex issues inherent in the music industry. Examples of events include a lecture on the basics of copyright law or a workshop where students use digital music and sampling to understand and apply the concept of Fair Use. The TLTC is "intended to inspire forward thinking in student learning [and] embraces risk, discovery, and experimentation, empowering faculty members and staff to explore opportunities beyond the traditional."

To accomplish its goals, the Copyright Office connected with a local non-profit, Creative Rights, which provides free or low cost legal services and legal information to members of the creative community. Founded by graduates of Michigan Law and still connected to the Law School community, Creative Rights provides expertise in the areas of copyright law, arts management, and the music industry.

Arts Lab is currently in the “Discovery” phase of a TLTC grant, aimed at providing a proof of concept for the success of multi-disciplinary action-based education.

If you are a student or professor and would like to get involved, contact: or
You can also email us at for general questions.

We are:
Melissa Levine (UM Library Copyright Office),
Mark Clague (School of Music, Theater & Dance),
Brandon Weiner (Creative Rights),
Cliff Helm (Creative Rights),

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