Licensing Form

The Licensing Form is designed to document that a rightsholder has licensed a work under one of the Creative Commons licenses. Someone who fills out and signs this form represents to the university that she is a copyright holder with the right to license the work specified, and she indicates the license she has selected for it.

The second page of the form provides information about the various Creative Commons licenses. It is there to assist rightsholders selecting a license. More information about the licenses is available on the About the Licenses page of the Creative Commons website.

This form is designed to be flexible and could be appropriate for a wide variety of uses. For instance, if a university unit plans to host someone's work online, it might ask that person to sign this form first. If an instructor would like the university to be able to use student work produced in a course (such as when students collaborate to prepare an exhibit or an educational resource), she could ask the students to sign this form. When this form is completed, the unit that plans to rely on the license should keep a copy of the completed form.

If you have questions about this form, please contact the Library Copyright Office at

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Last modified: 07/23/2018