Our interns work on copyright matters, typically focusing on a solving a particular problem or issue. Learn about our interns and their projects below.

  • Betty Lim
    Betty Lim, Intern, Summer 2013. Betty is a graduate student at the University of Michigan School of Information, specializing in Library and Information Science (MSI 2014). Working with Melissa Levine, Betty reviewed the U.S. Copyright Office's website to examine the formal comments posted in response to the Copyright Office's Notice of Inquiry on the question of orphan works. In analyzing the comments, Betty identified the biggest common concerns for different stakeholders to find emerging patterns.
  • Claire Tatro

    Claire Tatro, Intern, Summer 2013. Claire is a student of the School of Information, specializing in Library Information Services and Archives and Records Management.  She is focusing her internship in the copyright office on writing blogs about unique collection items that have undergone the CRMS copyright checking process.  Along with this she will be assisting in Copyright Camp and helping to assess and  improve the presentation and accessibility of the online educational resources.  In the future Claire hopes to work in an academic library.

  • Elizabeth Mundee-Barket
    Elizabeth Mundee-Barket, Intern, Winter 2013. Elizabeth is a second year law student at the University of Michigan Law School. She is currently working with Melissa Levine on copyright projects for the HathiTrust.
  • Dean Atyia
    Dean Atyia, Intern, Winter 2013. Dean Atyia is a third year student at the law school. Dean is working with Melissa in an effort to bridge Michigan's CRMS project with libraries in Spain and other Spanish-speaking countries. Through this combination of resources, Dean is collecting the biographical information of authors in order to determine the public domain status of considered works and ultimately add more texts to the HathiTrust Collection.
  • Cliff Helm

    Cliff Helm, Intern, Fall 2012. Cliff is a third year law student at the University of Michigan Law School. His internship focused on the digitization efforts within special collections at the Labadie Collection, researching both the copyright status of individual pamphlets and broader digitization policies. 

  • Joe D'Angelo
    Joe D'Angelo, Intern, Summer 2012. At the University of Michigan Copyright Office, Joe worked on a project to help campus galleries, museums, archives, and libraries learn about copyright and Creative Commons -- and how they relate to using tools like Wikipedia. He completed his B.S. in Communication at Cornell University in 2010 where he became interested in digital copyright. Joe is entering his third year at the University of Detroit Mercy School of Law where he works with a faculty member researching the jurisprudence of fair use in common law.
  • Justin Bonfiglio
    Justin Bonfiglio, Intern, Summer 2012. Justin Bonfiglio is a third year law student at the University of Michigan Law School. He is currently working with Bobby Glushko on a copyright project involving the HathiTrust's state document collections.
  • Lisa Hardman
    Lisa Hardman, Intern, Winter 2012. Lisa Hardman is a first year graduate student at the School of Information at the University of Michigan studying Information Policy. She holds a BS from Eastern Michigan University in Information Assurance, and has worked as an Advanced Acquisitions Assistant for the Law Library at the University of Michigan, as well as on the Orphan Works project though HathiTrust. She is currently working as the Association for Research Libraries Career Enhancement Program Fellow for 2012.
  • Eric Felleman
    Eric Andrew Felleman, Intern, Summer 2011. Eric is pursuing dual degrees in law and information policy at the University of Michigan. He expects to graduate in the spring of 2014. His internship explored the availability and acquisition of copyrighted works for inclusion in a School of Education project to establish a clearinghouse of research on teacher education programs. This experience opened his eyes to many of the benefits of open access literature, and he is interested in legal issues surrounding expansions of information access.
  • Liz Allen
    Liz Allen, Intern, Winter 2011 Semester. Liz is a dual degree student in the process of earning a J.D. from the University of Michigan Law School and an MSI in Information Policy from the School of Information. Her internship focuses on the policies governing the use of the University's state-of-the-art audio recording studio, along with the concerns facing Block M Records -- a record label operated by the School of Music, Theatre, and Dance. This experience has been particularly exciting for Liz because her interest in copyright law stems from her friendships with music students while an undergraduate student at U of M. She spent last summer fighting for Net Neutrality at the Center for Democracy and Technology, and looks forward to protecting the rights of musicians at the Future of Music Coalition this summer.
  • Brandon Weiner
    Brandon Weiner, Intern, 2010-2011. Brandon is working with Liz on a project examining the policies and practices surrounding the use of the Duderstadt Audio Studio, along with concerns facing Block M Records.
  • Chris Kurpinski
    Chris Kurpinski, Intern, Winter 2011 Semester. Chris' internship focuses on digital preservation issues, and is currently putting together a guide to resolving copyright issues related to donated materials. His interest in copyright stems from being exposed to Open Source software as an electronics hobbyist. The unique F/OSS perspective on the intersection of technology and the law eventually propelled him to enroll at The University of Michigan Law School. Prior to law school, Chris worked as an electrical engineer on a number of different jobs. He received his BSEE from Michigan State, his an MSEE from UCLA and has worked on a wide variety of technology, including aircraft engines, automotive electronics, software, and 3D televisions. He is named as an inventor on four patents, and has contributed to a book on iPhone hacking. After graduating this spring, Chris looks forward to working for Finnegan in Washington DC.
  • Jessie Mannisto
    Jessie Mannisto, Intern, Summer 2010. Jessie is a School of Information student (MSI 2011) specializing in Library & Information Services and Information Policy. She is also pursuing a certificate in Science, Technology, and Public Policy at the Ford School of Public Policy. As a teenager posting original fiction on the Internet in the 1990s, she tried to teach herself about the Copyright Act of 1978 applied to her current and future work; this led to her interest in copyright and its protections, its abuses, and its high degree of incomprehensibility for the everyday user. Her interests today include promoting access to knowledge and publicly-funded research, incentive systems for information production and sharing, and managing the overwhelming amount of data we face in our work and personal lives. As an intern at the U-M Copyright Office (Summer 2010), she completed a guide for graduate students about the use of copyrighted and openly licensed materials in their dissertations.
  • Kathryn Ann Vickers
    Kathryn Ann Vickers, Intern, Winter 2010 Semester. Kathryn is a graduate student at the U-M School of Information pursuing her Master's of Science in Information with a focus on library science and information policy. She explored issues of open access in the publishing industry in her internship. She interned with the U.S. Government Printing Office in Washington, D.C. in the Web Content Management division. She expects to graduate in the spring of 2011. "Working at the Copyright Office opened my eyes to the complexities of copyright that people encounter everyday, sometimes without being aware of it. I feel lucky to have had the opportunity to have worked here."
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