History of U-M Library Copyright Office

In 1999, the University of Michigan’s Media Rights Task Force reported that “[t]he issues related to copyright use, the creation of new works, and the deployment of knowledge should be driven by the academic mission of the institution.” It called for creation of a position that would, among other duties, create a copyright reference service, provide interpretation of University intellectual property policies, and facilitate cross-unit collaboration in the realm of media and copyright.

The University of Michigan Library Copyright Office was founded in 2006 as part of the University response to that report. The Office was founded to support the Scholarly Publishing Office (now part of Michigan Publishing) and Deep Blue, UM’s institutional repository. It was also charged with providing copyright reference services to the campus, advocating for open access, and consulting about the copyright aspects of the Library’s work.

Shortly after the Office was founded, it assumed responsibility for the University’s website on copyright, the forerunner of this site. That website was initially created in 2001 by the office of the Associate Provost for Academic, Information and Instructional Technology Affairs. The Internet Archive has an early snapshot of that site from February 2002.

In the years since its founding, the Office has provided countless individual and small-group copyright consultations and developed educational resources and workshops on various aspects of copyright. It has also supported the work of Library and University efforts such as HathiTrust (including via the Copyright Review Management System) and the Office of Academic Innovation.

News articles about copyright issues at the University of Michigan are listed below in reverse chronological order:

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Last modified: 07/24/2018