Fair Use Week 2017

Fair Use Week 2017 took place from February 20 to 24. The University of Michigan Library Copyright Office hosted a series of events celebrating fair use, the foremost user's right under U.S. copyright law.

Copyright for Online Exhibits and Digital Collections

  • Bentley Historical Library, Whiting Room
  • February 20, 10 to 11 a.m.
  • When is it fair use to provide online access to digitized materials? How does the legal analysis differ between online exhibits and digital collections? When is it appropriate to apply a Creative Commons license to digitized materials, and which should you choose? This workshop from Ana Enriquez of the the U-M Library Copyright Office will address these and other common questions about copyright for online exhibits and digital collections. The workshop is designed for creators of online exhibits and collections, but all are welcome. Please register via TeachTech or by contacting Ana at anaenriq@umich.edu

The Shape of Fair Use

  • 220 Hutchins Hall
  • February 21, 12 to 1 p.m.
  • The last few years have brought several landmark fair use rulings. Representatives of copyright owners have complained that some of these decisions signal an alarming expansion of the fair use defense. Courts, they argue, have misconstrued and misapplied the fair use doctrine, stretching it to shelter uses that it was never meant to privilege. Jessica Litman, the John F. Nickoll Professor of Law, will examine whether there is any truth to this complaint, and, if so, whether it represents a positive or negative development for copyright law. All are welcome. Lunch will be provided.

The Fair Use Factors: Their History and Application

  • Hatcher Graduate Library, Gallery Lab (Room 100), Location Information
  • February 22, 12 to 1 p.m.
  • The language of the fair use factors has changed very little since the nineteenth century, but the doctrine of fair use has changed a great deal. Understanding the history of the factors, particularly their changing importance, is crucial to making accurate fair use decisions today. This workshop from Ana Enriquez of the the U-M Library Copyright Office will focus on fair use cases from the last forty years, tracing the relative importance of the four statutory factors and their subfactors. Participants will then be asked to practice applying current fair use law to a series of hypothetical fact patterns. All are welcome. Please register via TeachTech or by contacting Ana at anaenriq@umich.edu. Lunch will be provided.

Fair Use: You Be The Judge

  • Auditorium, Art & Architecture Building
  • February 24, 12 to 1 p.m.
  • Have you ever wondered whether you’re allowed to use someone else’s copyrighted material? Learn about fair use, the foremost user’s right under U.S. copyright law, at this workshop from the U-M Library Copyright Office. After an introduction to fair use, participants will be asked to evaluate the fair use arguments for several recent copyright cases, including Cariou v. Prince. All are welcome. Lunch will be provided.
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