Participation in CRMS Project

We have commitments from Indiana University Libraries, University of Minnesota Libraries, and University of Wisconsin-Madison Libraries to devote 1 FTE each to work with us on copyright renewal work beginning in phase three of the project. On-site training was recently conducted at each of these institutions, and reviewers at each location will continue to remotely contribute CRMS determinations through the end of the funding period.

While we cannot take commitments additional to these three libraries at this point, we would encourage interested institutions to contact us. We hope to entertain offers of participation in the project from other institutions beginning in late 2010. Participation would require an institutional commitment of at least 1 FTE of permanent staff with experience in bibliographic identification (made up of anywhere from 2-4 staff members), and will also require additional funding to cover expenses for the Project Manager to conduct on-site training. Interested libraries should send a letter of intent to the project manager, which includes details regarding number of staff that could be committed and the timeframe for their availability.

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