ClarkData Geospatial Data Server

The ClarkData Geospatial Data Server (ClarkData) provides geospatial data to the University of Michigan campus. Most publicly available data is not replicated on this server. The server contains data licensed for use by UM users, including current ESRI Data and Maps (10.1) and Landscan data (2000 to 2011).
You can access the read-only ClarkData space from most networked computers on campus, for example Clark lab computers, SITES computers, CAEN computers, faculty and staff computers, etc.. If you are on wireless or are off campus, you can do this only if you are using the VPN.
From a PC running Windows 7, follow these instructions. The details are slightly different for other operating systems:
1. Go to "My Computer"
2. Click the "Map Network Drive" button along the top of the window
3. In the address section copy this in:
4. Then click "Finish"
5. When prompted for your login, use your uniqname, and put in your Kerberos/AD password
If that doesn’t work, put UMROOT\ before your uniqname (note the slash
direction). If that doesn’t work, and you know you have two passwords, use the one
you didn’t try yet -- this is technically your AD password (but for most people on campus, this is the same as your Kerberos password).
This fileserver is currently being reorganized and more information will be linked from this page soon. For more information, please email .
The most current versions of the street network dataset and address locators for the United States are at ESRI > Data_and_Maps_for_ArcGIS_10_1 > streetmap_na > data . If you have the space, performance of network analysis and geocoding will be better if you copy the data from the fileserver rather than just connecting to it.
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