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  • Sociology

    Selected resources for research in sociology and allied fields.

Other Research Guides

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  • Academic Integrity in Social Work

    This is guide for students of the School of Social Work with information on academic integrity and plagiarism.

  • Aging Gerontology

    Provides research and information resources related to the study of aging and gerontology.

  • Anthropology

    Provides resources, strategies, and information on conducting research in anthropology

  • Archaeology

    Provides resources, strategies and information on conducting research in archaeology

  • Armenian Studies

    This guide covers materials in Armenian, from Armenia and/or about Armenian topics. For more information please see the Guide for Central Asian and Caucasian Studies.

  • Cartography

    Information on maps and mapping agencies.

  • Cognitive Science

    Provides resources, strategies, and information on conducting research in cognitive science

  • Communication Studies

    Resources related to mass media and communication, including health communication, political communication, gender and race, global and new media, media policy, social media, journalism, and print and broadcast history, among other topics.

  • Congress

    Use for researching Congress or finding Congressional documents like bills. laws, legislation, serial set, debate, Congressional Record, CRS reports, primary source documents, hearings, prints, reports and policy.

  • Constitutions

    This guide will help with finding constitutions and information on the structure of government for the United States and foreign countries to help support comparative political science research.

  • Data Management Plans for the Social Sciences

    Suggested resources for designing data management plans (DMP) for your research project.

  • Detroit

    All things Detroit. Serves as a clearinghouse for information on Detroit, including blogs; community agencies, organizations, and initiatives; city government information; and suburban communities of southeast Michigan.

  • Detroit Map Resources

    Guide to finding map resources of Detroit and southeastern Michigan.

  • Disability

    Provides resources which address a variety of issues concerning physical, emotional, and mental disabilities.

  • East Asian Studies

    Guide to East Asian studies (Humanities and Social Sciences) English language resources

  • Economics

    Provides resources, strategies, and information on conducting research in economics.

  • Education

    Library resources that would be useful for doing research on an education topic.

  • Elections

    Research procedure for identifying books, journal and newspaper articles, campaign finances, campaign ads, political advertising, public opinion polls, and election data.

  • Environment Sustainability

    Recommended resources for scholars engaging with environmental research

  • Finding Data

    Strategies and resources for finding data across the social sciences, including opinion surveys.

  • Finding Map Resources in Mirlyn

    How to find maps, atlases, CD-ROMs, and other spatial resources in Mirlyn.

  • Finding Statistics and Data

    Find data produced by governments on a wide variety of topics including data on local communities, other countries, criminal justice, incarceration and jails

  • Finding Tests Measurement Instruments

    Resources, tips and tricks for finding tests or measurements in either the health or behavioral sciences.

  • Food Studies

    Food Studies is an interdisciplinary field that takes a wide thin slice across the arts, humanities and sciences. Food Studies gathers together knowledge about food as it occurs anywhere in established disciplines, to understand relationships.

  • Geography

    Resources at the University of Michigan for research in geography.

  • Health Disparities in the U.S.

    Provides information resources on conducting research on health disparities in the United States.

  • Health Statistics

    Resources on finding and utilizing health statistics.

  • Information & Library Science

    A guide of useful resources for U-M School of Information (UMSI) students, and for research in the interdisciplinary field of information and library science.

  • International, Regional, and National Data Sets

    A compilation of global, regional, and national data sets that contain international statistics information.

  • Interracial Resources

    Fiction and non-fiction resources on topics relating to interracial people and relationships.

  • Japanese Studies

    Selected information resources on Japanese Studies at University of Michigan

  • Judaic Studies

    Electronic and print resources supported by the University of Michigan Library's Judaica Unit, as well as external resources important for Judaic Studies, Yiddish, Hebrew, and many other topics.

  • Kinesiology

    Provides resources, strategies, and information on conducting research in Kinesiology.

  • Korean Studies

    Provides selected research resources in the area of Korean Studies, with a particular focus on social sciences and humanities resources.

  • Law

    The Graduate Library law collection is primarily a collection about law and how it relates to society. The Law Library has a more comprehensive collection.

  • Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender & Queer Studies

    This guide will help you find relevant materials for research relating to Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgendered and Queer communities.

  • Mapping Tools

    An overview of tools to help create maps of kinds.

  • Multicultural Studies

    Selected resources useful for conducting research on Multicultural Studies. This includes, African American Studies, Latino or Hispanic American Studies, Native American Studies, and Asian American Studies.

  • Non-Governmental Organizations

    A guide to resources covering NGO-generated information, including websites, publications, and other resources.

  • Organizational Studies

    Provides resources, strategies, and information on conducting research in organizational studies.

  • Political Science

    Find political science data, articles, encyclopedias, handbooks and information about quantitative and qualitative research methods along with information on writing dissertations, publishing, and non-traditional research methods like digital scholarship

  • Poverty Solutions

    Resources for researching poverty solutions and policies/

  • Psychology

    Provides guidance on information resources and search strategies on conducting library research in psychology.

  • Public Policy

    This subject guide provides a starting point for research in public policy.

  • Qualitative Data

    Help with qualitative research methods, finding and analyzing qualitative data such as text.

  • Research Funding and Grants Guide

    Provides resources on finding funding and grants.

  • Research Impact Metrics: Citation Analysis

    Information on how to use library resources for citation analysis. This includes information about impact factors, journal rankings, altmetrics and how to find who has cited an article. Created by Sue Wortman.

  • Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps

    An introduction and guide to finding and using Sanborn fire insurance maps at UM and elsewhere.

  • SI 501 Contextual Inquiry and Consulting Foundations

    This guide offers suggested resources and search strategies for conducting background research on your client/topic. Fall 2017.

  • Social Work

    Provides resources for social work research at the University of Michigan.

  • Southeast European Studies

    Provides resources for research on countries in southeastern Europe, including Modern Greece, Albania, Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania, and countries that comprised former Yugoslavia: Bosnia and Hercegovina, Croatia, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia and

  • Top Ten Databases to Start Your Undergraduate Research

    Article resources to try when starting an undergraduate research project.

  • Unique Collections on the UM Campus

    Unusual collections in the University of Michigan Library and on the UM Campus (Ann Arbor).

  • Urban Regional Planning

    Locate a wide variety of resources for Urban and Regional Planning studies, as well as transportation studies.

  • Video Game Studies

    Selected resources designed to assist in researching the interdisciplinary field of computer and video game studies.

  • Web of Science Core Collection

    Guide describes how to access and to search the Web of Science database.

  • Women's Studies

    Designed to help you find relevant materials for research relating to women and gender.