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  • Architecture

    Provides access to resources related to the study of architecture, construction, and building systems.

  • Brazilian Studies

    Provides suggested resources for the study of Brazil.

  • British and American History

    Provides resources, strategies, and information on conducting research in British and American history.

  • Children's Literature

    Resources intended to assist researchers, School of Education and School of Information students by providing U-M Library children's lit resources in one place. It also includes other external helpful resources.

  • Classical Studies

    Guide to finding resources related to Greek, Roman, and Byzantine literature, history, and archaeology.

  • Comic Books and Graphic Novels

    Provides useful information about comic books and graphic novels as topics of academic research at the University of Michigan.

  • Digital Scholarship

    Introduction to digital scholarship resources, tools, and projects in the field of digital humanities.

  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

    This U-M Library research guide highlights the empirical evidence of the impact of diversity on outcomes: building the case for diversity, understanding the benefits of diversity, and understanding under which conditions we get optimal results.

  • East Asian Studies

    Guide to East Asian studies (Humanities and Social Sciences) English language resources

  • English Language & Literature

    Provides selected sources and useful research-related sites in the field of English language and literature.

  • English Language Institute

    Includes library and web resources in support of the University of Michigan's English Language Institute.

  • Environmental Humanities

    A resource designed to help scholars respond to environmental problems within the context of human, social, and cultural perspective

  • Finding Archives and Manuscripts

    Provides an overview of strategies for locating primary sources, including archival and manuscript material.

  • Fortunoff Video Archive for Holocaust Testimonies

    A guide to accessing the content within Yale University Library's Fortunoff Video Archive for Holocaust Testimonies

  • Francophone Canada

    UM research collections and other resources in the study of Francophone Canadian history and literature/Les collections de recherche d'UM, et autres ressources pour l'étude de l'histoire et de la littérature canadienne Francophone

  • French History

    Find collections and other resources for the study of French History

  • French Languages and Literatures

    Provides selected sources and useful research-related sites in the field of French language and literature.

  • General and Comparative Literature

    Resources for research in comparative literature, reception studies, translation studies, literary theory, and affiliated discourses.

  • German Culture, History, Politics

    Provides some key resources for researching German culture, history, and politics.

  • German Language Learning Guide

    Suggests resources and strategies for learning German using materials from the library, elsewhere on campus, and on the web

  • Germanic Languages & Literatures

    Print and online resources for research into Germanic languages and literature.

  • History (General)

    Provides resources, strategies, and information on conducting research in history.

  • Islamic Manuscript Studies

    Resources for the study of manuscripts produced in the Islamic world and the manuscript cultures they represent.

  • Italian Language, Literature and Culture

    Recommended resources for research in Italian language, literature and culture.

  • Japanese Studies

    Selected information resources on Japanese Studies at University of Michigan

  • Judaic Studies

    Provides recommended resources for Judaic Studies and highlights Judaica reference and special materials at U-M Library and beyond.

  • Korean Studies

    Provides selected research resources in the area of Korean Studies, with a particular focus on social sciences and humanities resources.

  • Linguistics Resources

    Offers electronic resources supporting teaching and research in linguistics. Included are indexes to articles in scholarly journals, online full-text sources, encyclopedias, dictionaries, and other resources.

  • Medieval and Early Modern Studies

    Highlights some of the library-related resources in the area of medieval and early modern studies.

  • Museum Studies

    Provides useful resources for research on museum studies.

  • Philosophy

    Selected resources useful for philosophical research.

  • Popular Culture

    Provides resources for popular culture research at the University of Michigan.

  • Primary Sources Primer

    Introduction to the nature of primary sources and how to find them at the University of Michigan, including resources on campus, external to campus, and online.

  • Religious Studies

    Important resources for the study of religion at the University of Michigan

  • Research Funding and Grants Guide

    Provides resources on finding funding and grants.

  • Research Impact Metrics: Citation Analysis

    Information on how to use library resources for citation analysis. This includes information about impact factors, journal rankings, altmetrics and how to find who has cited an article..

  • Social Media Research Guide

  • Southeast European Studies

    Provides resources for research on countries in southeastern Europe, including Bulgaria, Romania, and countries that comprised former Yugoslavia: Bosnia and Hercegovina, Croatia, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia and Slovenia.

  • Spanish Language and Literature

    Provides resources, strategies, and information on conducting research in literature and language of the Spanish-speaking countries.

  • Top Ten Databases to Start Your Undergraduate Research

    Article resources to try when starting an undergraduate research project.

  • United States History

    Provides major resources and methods for research in U.S. history. Some of the key resources discussed in this guide are America: History and Life, Making of America, and Early American Imprints (Evans).

  • Video Game Studies

    Selected resources designed to assist in researching the interdisciplinary field of computer and video game studies.

  • Web of Science Core Collection

    Describes how to access and to search the Web of Science database.