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Highly Recommended Research Guides

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  • News Sources

    Recommended resources and search tips for finding news in a variety of formats. Includes how to find international newspapers, historical newspapers, articles with a particular viewpoint, how to evaluate sources, and much more.

Other Research Guides

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  • Askwith Collection

    Lists of selected DVDs and Blu-Ray discs in the Askwith Media Library.

  • Basic Reference Resources

    Handy reference resources for fast facts, bibliographic information, and citation style help. (Formerly known as the Ready Reference Shelf.)

  • Citation Help

    A web guide for students who have questions about citing sources correctly.

  • College and University Rankings

    A guide to explain and access college rankings.

  • Computer Video Game Archive

    Resources related to the Computer Video Game Archive, as well as projects and studies involving video games.

  • Copyright and Course Websites

    The guide provides answers to common questions about copyright and course websites.

  • Copyright and Using Video

    This guide outlines the copyright considerations for using video in an academic setting.

  • Copyright Basics

    This guide provides answers to common copyright questions.

  • Copyright for Dissertations

    This guide provides answers to common copyright questions for authors of dissertations at the University of Michigan.

  • Creative Commons

    Looking for images, video, music, and other content you can share, reuse, or remix? Looking to share content you created? Consider the Creative Commons licenses.

  • Finding Statistics and Data

    Find data produced by governments on a wide variety of topics including data on local communities, other countries, criminal justice, incarceration and jails

  • Funding for Students

    Find scholarships, fellowships, and research grants to fund your U-M education--A guide aimed at undergraduate and graduate students

  • Genealogy Research

    While no specific collection of genealogical materials exists within the Hatcher Graduate Library, there are items of genealogical interest available throughout the library in various formats.

  • Graduate Library Reference Collection Resources

    This guide includes information on resources typically found in the Hatcher Graduate Library reference collection.

  • Graduate Student's Guide to Publishing

    Tips on how to get your work published in a variety of formats.

  • Grants and Fundraising

    Resources, strategies, and information on grant-seeking. This includes finding funders, proposal writing, university processes, and related topics. Online and print resources on grant-getting are included.

  • Images

    A guide to help you find and use images and other visual resources from the University Library. Email us at with questions about finding and using images.

  • Library Digital Films Service - Streaming video for instructors

    The University Library provides a service to deliver streaming video of films on CTools class websites. This guide also provides information about streaming video databases to which the Library subscribes that are available to the UM community.

  • Library Guide for International Students

    New to the Library? This Guide will help you navigate the library to find books and articles, study spaces, and different ways of getting in touch with librarians and other staff for specific research and writing assistance.

  • Library Guide for Transfer Students

    This guide is designed to help new transfer students become familiar with resources and services from the University Library.

  • Library of Congress (LC) Call Numbers

    Explains how to read Library of Congress (LC) call numbers in the University of Michigan Library.

  • Mirlyn

    A guide to using Mirlyn, the University of Michigan Library Catalog.

  • Mirlyn Classic

    A guide to using Mirlyn Classic, the classic version of the University of Michigan Library Catalog.

  • Obtaining Copyright Permissions

    This guide explains how to obtain permission to use copyrighted works.

  • Open Access

    This research guide provides readers with a basic understanding of Open Access, which is broadly defined as content that is free to access and re-use.

  • Research Data: Finding, Managing, Sharing

    Provides information about all aspects of data management and stewardship including finding, planning, organizing, documenting, sharing, and preserving your research data.

  • Research Funding and Grants Guide

    Provides resources on finding funding and grants.

  • Reviews

    How to find reviews of a variety of cultural materials; books, film, music, theater, art.

  • Undergraduate Library Reference Collection Resources

    Information on reference resources selected to support undergraduate student research, papers, and projects

  • Unique Collections on the UM Campus

    Unusual collections in the University of Michigan Library and on the UM Campus (Ann Arbor).

  • University of Michigan Information

    Brings together numerous resources (primarily electronic) which pertain to U-M history, facts, etc.