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    Starting in July 2019 is the primary way to access recent Census Bureau data

  • Index to Current Urban Documents

    Guide to the reports and research that are generated by local government agencies, civic organizations, academic and research ...

  • LexisNexis State Capital

    Bill status and text for all 50 states since 1990; full text of current state legal and regulatory codes; state political newsletters; ...

  • Michigan Historical Collections Web Archives

    Provides access to past versions of web sites of historically-significant organizations and institutions in Michigan.

  • PolicyMap

    Online data and mapping tool for the United States

  • Sage Stats

    SAGE Stats is a data visualization and research platform that currently hosts two collections State Stats and Local Stats

  • SimplyAnalytics

    SimplyMap allows you to create thematic maps and reports using demographic, business and marketing data. Log in required for access.

  • University of Michigan Library Web Archiving Collections

    Pilot program to preserve websites in three collection areas

  • US Political Stats

    US Political Stats allows users to find, visualize, and compare data on Congress, the Supreme Court and the Presidency

  • Water Politics in Michigan Web Archive

    Archive of websites and social media from government and organizations about access to clean water in Michigan