Puzzling out Hrabanus Maurus' Encyclopedia: A Manuscript Tale

Upper part of Mich. Ms. f. 14r. Leaf fragment containing Hrabanus Maurus' De rerum naturis, 14, 27. Parchment. 210 x 150 mm. Spain. 14th c. Special Collections Research Center (University of Michigan Library)

When searching for manuscripts of Hrabanus Maurus' medieval encyclopedia De rerum naturis (On the Natures of Things) in the database Digital Scriptorium, I came across a leaf fragment held at Columbia University Libraries (Plimpton MS 128 ) which, in terms of its handwriting and style of illumination, was clearly connected to a leaf fragment held at the University of Michigan Library (Mich. Ms. f. 14).

Re-Creating the Medieval Palette : A workshop with Cheryl Porter

Paper with strokes of brightly colored pigments, dishes with paints and brushes, arranged on a table

In early April, we welcomed conservator and researcher Cheryl Porter to campus for a lecture and 3-day workshop. In this post, Marieka Kaye (U-M Library Head of Conservation & Book Repair) offers us an overview of the workshop which explored the colors used by artists working in the Islamic and European traditions of the medieval era.

More from the Kamada Collection: Warrior Scenes (2)

Seal of the Kamada Collection

In our last post on the Kamada Collection, we showcased nineteenth-century images related to warriors of the fourteenth century. This week, we will continue with an earlier manuscript of a more practical sort. The following illustrations come from the two-volume Heihō yūkan 兵法雄鑑, sometimes translated as The Paragon of Military Strategy.

Pride Month Recommendations 3/3

Seven of the documentaries on the list arranged in a circle.

For the first week of the month after Pride month(aka July) I am posting video media about LGBTQIA+ folks. I've tried to include a little bit of everything from streaming sites, feature films, indie films, and documentaries. I hope you've enjoyed this Pride Recommendation series!

CVGA Collection by the Numbers

Computer & Video Game Archive poster

The Spring semester has kicked off and orientation season is in full swing, so we thought it would be a good time to showcase our collection of games here at the CVGA. Here are a few visualizations for our collection of more than 8,000 video games, board games, game soundtracks, and more.

Pride Month Fiction Recommendations 2/3

Icon of a person reading. It's colored in with the rainbow and the book has the Black Lives Matter symbol on it.

In honor of Pride Month I decided to do a series of fiction and film recommendation list to the blog. This week I've created a list of science fiction/fantasy, romance, and poetry/short story anthologies. Two weeks ago I did adult fiction, young adult fiction, and graphic novels. Next week will be the final post about video media.


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