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The Library has a new program designed to help us acquire the best data collections for you! Apply for a Library Data Grant by briefly telling us a little about the commercially-available data you need and how it fits into your research.  If your application is chosen, the Library will fund access to the data and make it available for general use by the campus community. 

Additional information and application available here.

Questions? Contact the Library Data Grants Committee at


Eric Samberg
on Oct. 27, 5:57pm

Hello, I am studying the basic facts of Social Security, How it is affecting our working class, how globalization impacts the working Class in the US, and what the end results are when US Citizens retire (specifically to their Generation Group). This may be a broad subject, but in the end it will be a picture as to what Americans can expect when they reach retirement age.

on Jan. 21, 4:15am

I appreciate your help and data. Thanks a lot.

on Sept. 23, 1:44am

I am doing Phd on FDI in developing economies. I need data related to macroeconomic variables.Kindly help

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