GIS Day at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor

GISday November 19, 2014

Across the world on November 19, 2014 people celebrated GIS Day 2014.  GIS stand for Geographic Information Systems.  GIS Day is an international event that salutes geospatial technology and its power to transform and better our lives.  The University of Michigan sponsored a variety of activities, including several events on the Ann Arbor campus.  The campus and the community had the opportunity to attend Lightning Talks that highlighted ways to utilize GIS, a student poster competition, and an OpenStreetMap Mapping Party.  


Seven faculty members and researchers gave lightning talks that highlighted specific applications of GIS.  The featured talks included:

Robert Goodspeed, Assistant Professor of Urban Planning, Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Planning, "What Can GIS Do for You"

Jason Tallant, Data Manager, University of Michigan Biological Station, “Distributed, Disconnected Editing for Remote Field Work - Taking ArcGIS Collector App into the Field”

Allison Krusky, Research Associate, School of Public Health, University of Michigan, "Neighborhood Characteristics, Crime and Community Greening"

Julie Walsh, Director, Space Information, Analysis, & Planning, “ArcGIS for Space Management”

Jean-Christophe Plantin, Postdoctoral Fellow, School of Information & Communication Studies, “Participatory Maps: From Crowdsourcing to Digital Labor”

Shuming Bao, Director, China Data Center, University of Michigan, “Spatial Integration of Statistical Data and Census Data for Global Studies”

Jacqueline Alessi, Senior Drafter, Utilities Department, University of Michigan, “LiDAR: Light Detection and Ranging”

Rob Goodspeed presenting the Lightning Talk "What can GIS do for you?"
Rob Goodspeed presenting the opening to Lightning Talk on GIS Day November 19, 2014


Students also submitted entries featured creative uses of GIS for a poster competition.  Frank Romo won the first prize for his poster “Examining the L.A. Metro Rail: A Needs-based Transportation Analysis.” Amy Motzny won the viewer’s choice award for her poster “NYC Climate Change: Alternative Futures for Newtown Creek.”

Student posters and viewers at GIS Day 2014 in the Clark Library
Student posters at GIS Day 2014


All were welcome to attend the participatory OpenStreetMap Mapping Party, where participants contributed to the OpenStreetMap.  OpenStreetMap is an open source, open data, crowd-sourced map of the world.  


Thanks to our generous GIS Day sponsors:

Advanced Research Computing; Stephen S. Clark Library; School of Natural Resources and Environment; Michigan IT Communities of Practice; College of Literature, Science and the Arts IT; Urban and Regional Planning Program, Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Planning



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