Top Games Played in the CVGA during July

This month has been the month of tours, families, and people of all ages coming to check out what the archive has to offer and playing games. As such, we see a lot more Nintendo games on the list than usual, including a Super Nintendo game. Way to go, Mario. We have one more month of unrestricted Smash, so get your games in before the Fall semester begins!

Top Games Played in the CVGA during June

Here are our top games played in the archive during the month of June. Multiple versions of Smash rise in popularity as people take advantage of the fact that they can play it anytime we're open during the Summer. Splatoon quickly rises to make it on our list, even though we haven't had it for long. Also, a reminder that our hours for the Summer term are currently Wed-Fri 1-5pm, so enjoy the lovely Summer weather on Mondays and Tuesdays for the next couple months. (Or play Smash...

Top Played Played During the Month of May

Here is our Top 10 list of popular games for this past month. A game beats FIFA in the ranking for the first time in ages, and Smash rises in the ranks (probably students celebrating the fact that we allow it every day during the Spring and Summer). We'll probably see more classic games making the list as well, as students vow over the Summer to finish "that old game I always wanted to get through but never had time for."


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