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Gaming Week Day 4: Shooting Games

Steel Battalion controllers

Authored by our long-time student worker, Doug Carmichael: Shooting games comprise one of the most played genres in the Archive. Barely a day goes by without patrons requesting to play shooters like Call of Duty or Halo: Reach. Shooting games have a rich and varied history, first coming into popularity in the early 90s. The Archive is proud to showcase a wide variety of shooting games from all points in the genreā€™s history.

All We Needed was One Last Cable

4-player Game Boy Advance equipment

Authored by our student worker, Doug Carmichael: Just got the final connection cable we needed to have full-on 4 player Game Boy Advance on GameCube mayhem! So gather your friends and bring them by to play some Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles or Legend of Zelda Four Swords Adventures!

2nd Person Shooter

sps zato screenshot

Authored by Doug Carmichael: We've all hear of first person shooters (Halo, Call of Duty) and third person shooters (Gears of War). Ever tried a second person shooter? What would that even look like? Well, I found an interesting entry into what must be a rather minuscule genre: Second Person Shooter Zato. (requires downloading a plug-in to play) Quirky, challenging, and actually very fun, I recommend everyone try it for a unique experience.