Finding a Journal/Journal Article at the Art, Architecture & Engineering Library

When You Know the Article You are Looking For

When you have a citation/reference for an article in hand and want to find a copy of the article, you want to do what is called a known item search.

The easiest way to do a known item search for an article is to use MGet It. MGet It will give you a shortcut to print and electronic versions (if available) of articles, and to delivery options if the library doesn't own it.

MGet It isn't perfect, so if you can't locate your article with it, you should still try to look for the journal in Mirlyn. Using Mirlyn from an Engineering Perspective tells how to use Mirlyn to find journals in the library.

You may also wish to peruse the Online Journals list.

When You Don't Have a Specific Article in Mind

If you are looking for an article or articles on a particular subject or topic, you'll want to use what is known as a bibliographic database. Use the guides below to help you identify which database(s) you should use. These resources will be particularly good at helping you to find peer reviewed, professional, or research articles.

You can visit Search Tools to "Browse by subject" for additional databases in your research topic's subject area.

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