Spring 2019 magazine and guides

May 10, 2019

Library Digital Magazine

Explore the library's digital magazine, which features stories and photos from around the library and beyond, library exhibits, and more.

photo of filmmaker Nancy Savoca talking to students

Faculty Guide

You already know that the Library offers a great collection: vast electronic resources in all disciplines, millions of books and other print resources, primary source and archival materials, and much more. This guide introduces an array of Library services and expertise — some new, some you might not be familiar with — that can support and advance your research and teaching.

Student Guide

You have questions. Like, where are the good places to study and get my work done? How do I find the books, articles, and other materials I need for my coursework, and how do I get help? Is there coffee? Food? Find answers here, and begin your journey of discovery.

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Last modified: 05/10/2019