Security cameras in the library

August 21, 2019

Beginning in September, the library will be using security cameras in several locations in the Hatcher and Shapiro buildings — entrances/exits, elevator lobbies, and stairwell landings — to enhance the safety and security of our community. The cameras will serve as a deterrent to theft and other security threats, and as an investigative tool after an incident has been reported. 

The camera installation was managed by the Department of Public Safety and Security (DPSS), in consultation with the library to ensure that cameras would not capture research activities or interactions with collection materials. Video from the cameras will be kept on a secure DPSS server, retained for a short time, and reviewed only to further investigations of reported incidents. 

For further information, contact Rebecca Dunkle at

Get more information about DPSS security cameras.

Read the U-M Standard Practice Guide that governs the proper use of security cameras.

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Last modified: 08/21/2019