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June 13, 2018
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As of June 2018, Safari Tech Books Online have migrated to the new O'Reilly Safari Academic Version interface platform, which requires U-M users to enter their personal U-M email address (uniqname@umich.edu) for access.

The first time you enter O'Reilly Safari using your U-M email address, you will be granted temporary access from the device and browser used that will expire after 3 days, and you will be emailed an invitation to create a permanent O'Reilly Safari account. You are not required to create a permanent account unless you want to use personalized features or the smart phone app version. You can return and obtain temporary access as many times as you wish.

The only information you are required to provide to obtain temporary access is your U-M email address. You are not required to provide other information, like your academic major or area of specialization, unless you want to. This information is used to provide customized results tailored to your interests. Any information you enter, including your U-M email address, is protected by the O'Reilly Privacy Policy.

  1. Access O'Reilly Safari Books Online
  2. On the Welcome! screen, choose Select your institution to open the menu and select the first option Not listed? Click here.
  3. In the Academic email box, enter your U-M email address (in the format: uniqname@umich.edu). The Academic Version is available to all current University of Michigan students, faculty and staff on the Ann Arbor, Dearborn, and Flint campuses.

If you have previously created a permanent O'Reilly Safari account, click on the link labeled "Already a user? Click here." and then enter your U-M email address in the Username box and the password you previously created when you first set up your O'Reilly Safari account.

The U-M Library subscription to the O'Reilly Safari Academic Version includes access to nearly all of the thousands of books, videos, online tutorials, case histories, and learning paths included in the Enterprise Version sold commercially to businesses and individuals. If you are a current U-M student, faculty or staff member, you do not need to pay to access these materials if you access them via U-M Library's subscription.

Questions about O'Reilly Safari may be directed to U-M Library's Ask A Librarian service.

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