Announcing the 2017-2018 Undergraduate Research Award recipients

June 5, 2018
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The Library is pleased to announce the recipients of the eighth annual 2017-2018 U-M Library Undergraduate Research Awards, sponsored by the JABberwocky Literary Agency. These awards recognize and celebrate the academic achievements of students who demonstrate excellence in library research conducted in support of an undergraduate student project. Projects can be in any format or medium, including term paper, website, documentary, or art installation. Individuals and groups from any discipline may apply.

Awards are given in four categories: 

  • Maize Award for single-term projects
  • ‚ÄčBlue Award for multi-term projects
  • Outstanding First-Year Research Project Award (new in 2018)
  • Innovation in Research and Creativity Award (new in 2018)

Awards are evaluated on the strength of a letter of support from an instructor; the applicant's personal essay about their research process; the quality of the project;  and the project's bibliography.

Maize Award

First Place: ($1,000): Lucas Maiman — A History of the Media's Agenda Setting and Framing Effects on Opioid Policymaking and Public Opinion

Second Place: ($500): Meghan Clark, Amanda Hampton, Julia Montag, and Hannah Thoms — Give Earth A Chance: Environmental Activism in Michigan

Third Place: ($250): Leah Butler — The Home Economics Movement: Discrepancies between founding intentions and contemporary internalizations

Global Award: ($500):  Alexandra Paradowski — Wiwat Konstytucja! Niech nas uczy nadal

Blue Award

First Place: ($1,000): Noah McCarthy — Gerald Ford, Human Rights, and the American Presidency

Second Place: ($500): Julia Kropa — Keeping the US Hand Well Hidden: The Role of the Church Committee in Rethinking US Covert Intervention in the 1970s

Third Place: ($250): Thalia Chrysanthis — Infinitely More Important: The Reemergence of Ninth Amendment Precedent During the Long Sixties

Global Award: ($500): Levi Teitel — Helmar Lerski and the Illumination of Zionism

Outstanding First-Year Research Project Award

($500): Angelo Ryu — When the Law Takes Sides: Autonomously Weighing Reasons for Expression

Innovation in Research and Creativity Award

($1,000): Alison Burnell — The Great Lakes: Catalysts of Industrial Evolution

Read more about this year's award-winning projects.

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