Access to important religious studies reference works

January 4, 2018
New Resources
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The Library has recently acquired perpetual access to new online versions of several important reference works in the field of religious studies from the publisher Brill.

Brockelmann in English: The History of the Arabic Written Tradition Online
English version of the famous bio-bibliography of Arabic works and their authors, with an emphasis on the Classical Period

Context of Scripture Online
Online version of this reference for significant texts, inscriptions and documents for the study of the Hebrew Bible and Ancient Near East

Sacramentum Mundi Online
Online edition of the famous six volume English encyclopedia in Catholic theology

Vocabulary for the Study of Religion Online
Overview of critical terms for the study of religion

Hebrew and Aramaic Lexicon of the Old Testament Online
Online edition of the English translation of this valuable lexicon of the Hebrew Bible

Philosophy in the Islamic World Online: 8th-10th Centuries
Online version of this reference work devoted to the history of philosophy in the realms of Islam in its formative period

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Last modified: 01/16/2018