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Symposium Explores the Art & Business of Independent Cinema

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Tastemaker International: Ira Deutchman and the Art & Business of Independent Cinema

Ira Deutchman loves movies. He's spent the better part of the last forty-five years watching, studying, distributing, marketing and producing them.  As a film marketer, he has half-jokingly said that his job is to get butts into seats, and he is a master of doing just that. Since the mid-1970s, when he joined influential indie and foreign film distributor Cinema 5, his impact on shaping and influencing the taste of American filmgoers interested in specialty films has been enormous.

The inclusion of Deutchman’s  papers into the University of Michigan’s Screen Arts Mavericks & Makers collection makes a concrete connection in our understanding of what a filmmaker does and how an audience gets to see it.  He has worked with fellow U-M mavericks Robert Altman, John Sayles, Alan Rudolph and Nancy Savoca and strengthens our sense of what makes their work unique and compelling.