HathiTrust Emergency Temporary Access Service

August 24, 2021

Since you can now borrow all of the books in our circulating collection, the HathiTrust Digital Library is no longer providing temporary, emergency access to full digital versions of copyrighted work.

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Can I still use HathiTrust?

You can always use the HathiTrust digital library to search and find items of interest. 

The digital library holds 17.4 million items that are fully searchable, with 6.8 million items available to view, read, or download in full.

What was the emergency service?

During “exceptional circumstances” such as COVID-19 pandemic closures, the emergency service allowed us to provide digital access to copyrighted works in our collection. 

Why has it ended?

It’s all about copyright. In order to offer digital versions of copyrighted materials, the physical, circulating versions can't be checked out, to avoid copyright infringement. 

And now that the library's physical collection will be circulating at near pre-pandemic capacity, we need to discontinue access to the digital versions for the same reason.

We expect more scholarly works published as “open access” in the coming years, continuing to expand what you can use in full in HathiTrust.


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