First peer-reviewed rap album published with U-M Press

November 2, 2020

A.D. Carson refers to his album “i used to love to dream” as a mixtap/e/essay — a combination of storytelling and academic scholarship that uses sampled and live instrumentation, repurposed music, film, and news clips, and original rap lyrics to perform an engaging meditation on authenticity, belonging, and home.

The assistant professor of hip-hop and the global south at the University of Virginia published the open-access album this year with the University of Michigan Press, making it the first ever peer-reviewed rap album released from an academic publisher.

You can read about the making of the album and Carson’s collaboration with U-M Press in Inside Higher Ed, and also learn about the unique peer review process in this video featuring commentary from Carson, senior acquiring editor Sara Jo Cohen, and series editor Loren Kajikawa.

The album, hosted on the Fulcrum platform, is free and accessible to all and includes a digital book with Carson’s introduction, lyrics, and liner notes, and a short documentary film.

For more news and interviews about the album, see the U-M Press site. 

by Emily Buckler

A.D. Carson's album is freely available on the Fulcrum platform.


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