Anti-racism research guide available now

August 13, 2020

The library recently published an anti-racism research guide that focuses on anti-racism within the context of Southeast Michigan. The guide’s creators expect it to serve as a supplemental resource for faculty and students, and for self-directed learning.

Work on the guide began in response to the disproportionate effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on Black, Indigenous, and people of color communities as a result of systemic racism in the United States. From there, it was expanded to include a brief selection of recommended reading, listening, viewing, and more.

“This research guide is the collective work of about a dozen staff members from units across the library. Some of us had been working independently on different resources to address systemic racism, and after a number of emails and conversations, we decided to create a research guide,” said Anne Cong-Huyen, digital scholarship strategist, on behalf of the group.

The guide has been viewed over 1,700 times since it was published on July 1. Library liaisons shared the guide with their academic departments, and with fall semester approaching, its inclusion in course materials will likely increase usage. 

Jeff Witt, organizational development lead, said, “The U-M Office of DEI has sent the guide to all of the campus DEI leads and has encouraged them to promote it within their units and to use it as a resource to support their work in anti-racism.“

The initial drafts of the guide were collaboratively produced; members of the group reached out to contacts at partner organizations within the university for recommendations and links. The work of creating the anti-racism guide, like the work of anti-racism itself, is ongoing. 

Cong-Huyen and the group said, “We continue to read and learn and assess our guide and think of ways to make it useful, to reduce harm, and to encourage thoughtful and intentional action in support of anti-racism.”


by Danielle Colburn


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