PDF Alternatives

If we weren’t able to provide the scan you requested due to copyright limitations, here are some alternate options for accessing the material you need.

Receive the source material as a loan

  • We can deliver a loan of the source material to your delivery location on file (regularly circulating items only).
  • If you’re currently out of town, additional options apply.  Please contact us at 7FAST@umich.edu or 734-647-3278 to discuss these options.

Access the source material as an eBook

  • If an eBook is not currently available, you can participate in our eBook pilot program
    • Available for monographs (books) only.  Journal volumes aren't eligible.
    • We submit a request to our e-Acquisitions department, who will attempt to purchase the title you need as an eBook
    • E-Acquisitions can’t guarantee that an eBook will be available, or that it will be in a preferred format (please let us know ahead of time if you require multi-user access)
    • If an eBook is available, we’ll deliver it within 3 business days
    • If an eBook is not available, your 7FAST/ILL request will still be active, and we can explore other options

Options for Non-circulating Materials

  • If the material you need won’t circulate and no e-resources are available, please work with a staff member at the library where the item is housed.  Some items may be eligible for transfer to an alternate MLibrary branch for easier consultation.

Please contact us at 734-647-3278 or 7FAST@umich.edu to discuss these options.  If there is a specific request involved, please have your transaction number available.

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Last modified: 08/24/2015