Steven Lonn

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Assistant Director, USE Lab and Library Learning Analytics Specialist


I conduct and participate in research projects that focus on how people use information and learning technologies for learning, teaching, collaboration, and work. This involves a variety of mixed methodologies as well as combining different data sources to arrive at concrete findings for evaluation, assessment, and various information displays. As part of the USE Lab, I am available for consultations and potential research partnerships.

My current research spans several different areas including leveraging learning analytics to better support learning and teaching, investigating how to scaffold innovation and connectedness in open learning spaces, exploring the potential for digital storytelling as a pedagogical tool, and evaluating the educational impact of online learning objects within the interdisciplinary context of introductory courses.

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I first came to the University of Michigan to earn my Doctorate in Learning Technologies at the School of Education, which I completed in 2009. My dissertation focused on how students used CTools Project Sites to collaborate and learn from each other. In 2005, I joined the USE Lab, first as a member of the CTools Support team, and eventually became responsible for the annual CTools survey and other research endeavors utilizing user data and perceptions. 

I earned my Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology and Religious Studies from UC Santa Barbara. I grew up in Bellevue, Washington, a suburb of Seattle.