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University Library Associate, Learning & Teaching


I am one of the University Library Associates in the Learning and Teaching area of the University of Michigan Library. I am currently pursuing studies in Archives & Records Management and Library & Information Science as a graduate student at the UM School of Information. I aspire to help students, faculty, staff, and community members discover all of the exciting materials and resources the UM libraries have to offer.


Before coming to Michigan, I worked as a Public Services and Archives Assistant at the UC Irvine Libraries in Irvine, California, where I discovered my passion for helping college students and other library patrons find rare and interesting items from deep within the collections.  I earned my B.S. in Psychology from the University of Washington, where I simultaneously worked in the Special Collections part of the library and processed photograph orders for library patrons. That experience initially sparked my interest in working with library materials in a service-oriented setting, and my academic work in psychology and neuroscience helped me build a foundation in using library resources in my research. Making archives accessible to new audiences is my main passion, but I love helping people make new research discoveries and feel comfortable using any part of the library.

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