Nadia Lalla

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Taubman Health Sciences Library
1135 E Catherine
Ann Arbor, MI 48109-0726
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Assistant Director, Collections and Information Services


My research interests include:

  • the evolving nature of e-collections in academic libraries and their impact on future scholarship,
  • the assessment of reference services, and
  • the sustainability of mobile technologies in academic libraries.


Association of Research Libraries (ARL) Leadership and Career Development Program (2013-2014)

M.L.I.S., McGill University (Canada)
B.A., University of New Brunswick (Canada)


Selected Publications
Lalla, Nadia J.  "Health and Wellness in the Renaissance and Enlightenment."  Choice.  (2014). [book review]

Lalla, Nadia J.  "Quick Health Data Online."  Choice.  50 (11):(2013) [database review]

Lalla, Nadia J.  "Centers for Disease Control and Prevention."  Choice.  (2013) .  50(8):1469.  [database review]

Lalla, Nadia J.  "Nursing Education in Video."  JMLA:  Journal of the Medical Library Association (2013).  101 (1): 81-82. doi: [database review]

Lalla, Nadia J.  "E-Book Publishing -- The View from the Library."  In Building and Managing E-Book Collections:  A How-To-Do-It Manual for Librarians.  Ed. Richard Kaplan.  Chicago:  Neal Schuman, 2012.  p. 23-35.

Lalla, Nadia. “The Medical Library Association Guide to Managing Health Care Libraries.” JAMA.  (2011). 306(3):322. doi:10.1001/jama.2011.1009 [book review]

Lalla, Nadia J.  "A Review of 'The Kovacs Guide to Electronic Library Collection Development:  Essential Core Subject Collections, Selection Criteria, and Guidelines. 2nd ed. Kovacs, Diane K.'."  Journal of Electronic Resources in Medical Libraries.  (2010).  7(3):  266-268.

Selected Posters and Presentations
Lalla, Nadia; Kerby, Erin; Lauseng, Deborah.  Analyze This!  An Iterative Analysis of Reference Statistics.  American Library Association (ALA) 2013 Annual Conference.

Shannon, Carol; Lalla, Nadia.  Online Education at the Point of Need:  Growing a Video Program in a Time of Change and Constraints.  Medical Library Association (MLA) 2013 Annual Conference. [poster]

Banionis, John; Lalla, Nadia.  Moving Towards Patron-Driven Journal Packages – A Case Study.  Electronic Resources and Libraries Conference.  March 2013. 

Kerby, Erin; Lalla, Nadia; Lauseng, Deborah. Planning a Strategic Lineup for the Delivery of Effective Reference Services.  MLA 2012 Annual Conference. [poster]

Lalla, Nadia; Perorazio, Anne; and Shannon, Carol. Instant Access – Using Technology to Bridge the Access Gap at the Library. Midwest MLA 2011 Annual Conference. 

Lalla, Nadia; Shannon, Carol; and Stephen Flynn. We Built It Ourselves … From Scratch -- How to Grow an Idea Into a Mobile App. Midwest MLA 2011 Annual Conference.

Lalla, Nadia. How to Make a Mobile App When You Have No Clue What You’re Doing.  Michigan Health Sciences Libraries Association (MHSLA) 2011 Annual Conference.

Lalla, Nadia J. and Hanley, Scott.  How Not to Be A Crash Test Dummy:  Lessons in Survival From the Rust Belt.  MLA 2011 Annual Conference.

Lalla, Nadia.  Collection Fitness:  How the UM Health Sciences Library is Becoming 'Healthier'.  MHSLA 2010 Annual Conference.  [poster]

Lalla, Nadia.  The Great Unknown [A Brief History of the Taubman Health Sciences Library].  MHSLA 2010 Annual Conference.

Lalla, Nadia. There Are So Many Numbers ... [A How-To on Usages Statistics for E-Resources.]   ALA 2010 Annual Conference.


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