Nadia Lalla

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Taubman Health Sciences Library
1135 E Catherine
Ann Arbor, MI 48109-0726
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Assistant Director, Collections and Information Services


My research interests include:

  • the evolving nature of e-collections in academic libraries and their impact on future scholarship,
  • the assessment of reference services, and
  • the sustainability of mobile technologies in academic libraries.


Association of Research Libraries (ARL) Leadership and Career Development Program
M.L.I.S., McGill University (Canada)
B.A., University of New Brunswick (Canada)

Selected Current Professional Activities
Association for Library Collections & Technical Services
     Policy and Advocacy Committee (2014-2016)
CHOICE -- Reviewer
Medical Library Association
     Collection Development Section -- Membership Chair (2013-present)
     Professional Recruitment and Retention Committee -- Chair Elect (2014-2015)
Metropolitan Detroit Medical Library Group, Treasurer (2014-2016)
Midwest Medical Library Association, Representative-at-Large (2012-2014)
Public Services Quarterly, Editorial Board (2012-present)
Reference and User Services Association
     Reference Services Section, Health and Medical Reference Committee (2012-2016)

Selected Publications
Allee, N. J., Blumenthal, J., Jordan, K., Lalla, N., Lauseng, D., Rana, G., Saylor, K., & Song, J. One institution's experience in transforming the health sciences library of the future. Medical Reference Services Quarterly, (2014) 33(1),1.

Lalla, Nadia J.  "Health and Wellness in the Renaissance and Enlightenment."  Choice.  (2014). [book review]

Lalla, Nadia J.  "Quick Health Data Online."  Choice.  50 (11):(2013) [database review]

Lalla, Nadia J.  "Centers for Disease Control and Prevention."  Choice.  (2013) .  50(8):1469.  [database review]

Lalla, Nadia J.  "Nursing Education in Video."  JMLA:  Journal of the Medical Library Association (2013).  101 (1): 81-82. doi: [database review]

Lalla, Nadia J.  "E-Book Publishing -- The View from the Library."  In Building and Managing E-Book Collections:  A How-To-Do-It Manual for Librarians.  Ed. Richard Kaplan.  Chicago:  Neal Schuman, 2012.  p. 23-35.

Lalla, Nadia. “The Medical Library Association Guide to Managing Health Care Libraries.” JAMA.  (2011). 306(3):322. doi:10.1001/jama.2011.1009 [book review]

Lalla, Nadia J.  "A Review of 'The Kovacs Guide to Electronic Library Collection Development:  Essential Core Subject Collections, Selection Criteria, and Guidelines. 2nd ed. Kovacs, Diane K.'."  Journal of Electronic Resources in Medical Libraries.  (2010).  7(3):  266-268.

Selected Posters and Presentations
Lalla, Nadia J.  Sustainable Funding Models for Mobile Resource Development in Academic Health Sciences Libraries.   American Library Association Annual Meeting.  Las Vegas, NV. (2014) [poster]

Blumenthal, J., Mani, N.S., Song, J., Lalla, N. (2014). Library Diaspora: How We Lost Our Walls and Nobody Noticed.  Medical Library Association Annual Meeting, Chicago, IL.

Glynn, L., Sakmar K., Lalla, N., Berry R., Kim C., Geidenhuys P., Lawton A., Siebert J., McClurg C., Clemans-Taylor, L., Gadd K., Ettien, A.  (2014)  The Value To and Impact of Health Sciences Libraries and Information Services on Academic and Clinical Practice:  A Systematic Review.  

Lalla, Nadia; Kerby, Erin; Lauseng, Deborah.  Analyze This!  An Iterative Analysis of Reference Statistics.  American Library Association (ALA) 2013 Annual Conference.

Shannon, Carol; Lalla, Nadia.  Online Education at the Point of Need:  Growing a Video Program in a Time of Change and Constraints.  Medical Library Association (MLA) 2013 Annual Conference. [poster]

Banionis, John; Lalla, Nadia.  Moving Towards Patron-Driven Journal Packages – A Case Study.  Electronic Resources and Libraries Conference.  March 2013. 

Kerby, Erin; Lalla, Nadia; Lauseng, Deborah. Planning a Strategic Lineup for the Delivery of Effective Reference Services.  MLA 2012 Annual Conference. [poster]

Lalla, Nadia; Perorazio, Anne; and Shannon, Carol. Instant Access – Using Technology to Bridge the Access Gap at the Library. Midwest MLA 2011 Annual Conference. 

Lalla, Nadia; Shannon, Carol; and Stephen Flynn. We Built It Ourselves … From Scratch -- How to Grow an Idea Into a Mobile App. Midwest MLA 2011 Annual Conference.

Lalla, Nadia. How to Make a Mobile App When You Have No Clue What You’re Doing.  Michigan Health Sciences Libraries Association (MHSLA) 2011 Annual Conference.

Lalla, Nadia J. and Hanley, Scott.  How Not to Be A Crash Test Dummy:  Lessons in Survival From the Rust Belt.  MLA 2011 Annual Conference.

Lalla, Nadia.  Collection Fitness:  How the UM Health Sciences Library is Becoming 'Healthier'.  MHSLA 2010 Annual Conference.  [poster]

Lalla, Nadia.  The Great Unknown [A Brief History of the Taubman Health Sciences Library].  MHSLA 2010 Annual Conference.

Lalla, Nadia. There Are So Many Numbers ... [A How-To on Usages Statistics for E-Resources.]   ALA 2010 Annual Conference.


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