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Director, The Digital Media Commons; Director, The James and Anne Duderstadt Center


John Merlin Williams is the Executive Producer (Director) of the Digital Media Commons (DMC), and Director of the James and Anne Duderstadt Center. The DMC serves the U-M as a shared resource for incubation of digital media technologies for learning and research. He is responsible for DMC professional staff and technology infrastructure including several digital media labs, studios and development projects. As Director of the Dudersadt Center he supports the activities of resident staff groups from the Art Architecure and Engineering Library, College of Engineering, the Office of Research Cyberinfrstructure and the Millennium Project that provide campus-wide services supporting interdiciplinary research and collaborative learning.

John's campus engagements includes service with several groups that help plan and support learning technologies. He is a founding member of the campus ITCommons (2001 to present), and serves on the Institutional Information Assurance Council (formerly the Information Security Council). Recently he served on the Teaching and Learning Domain Steward Advisory Group (2010-2011), the Cloud-computing Security Task Force (2010), the campus-wide Video Content Management Advisory Group (2010-2012), and the Provost’s Special Committee on Institutional Innovation in Collaborative Technologies for Learning (2009).

John has been the U-M representative to the IMS Global Learning Consortium and in 2011 served on the IMS Teaching and Learning Advisory Committee and as a member of the Higher Education Advisory Board for IMS/GLC.


John is a Fellow of the Frye Institute (2005).

Prior to joining the U-M in 2000, he was for 20 years a founding partner and the creative director of an information design firm.

His degree is in architecture from the University of Michigan.