Natsuko H. Nicholls

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CLIR/DLF Data Curation Fellow


Natsuko Hayashi Nicholls is a CLIR/DLF Data Curation Fellow affiliated with the Clark Library for Maps, Government Information and Data Services.  Since the summer of 2012, Natsuko has been involved in developing and implementing library data services.


Natsuko has a Master’s Degree in Law and Politics from the University of Tokyo and a Ph.D. in Political Science from the University of Michigan. She has published both in Japanese and English on a variety of topics to include: Japanese Foreign policy, International Relations, Gender Equality and Women’s Rights in Post-conflict Areas, and most recently on Scholarly Communication, Digital Publishing, Affordability and Usability of Electronic Textbooks, and Research Data Management. 

After joining the University of Michigan Library in 2009, her time and effort has been dedicated to research and needs assessment in the areas of e-Learning and e-Research at the University of Michigan Library, focusing on student experience with electronic textbooks and researchers’ data management needs and practices. Her research orientation and knowledge of both quantitative and qualitative methodological techniques has enabled her to engage in conducting several needs assessment studies and analyzing both survey and interview data. 


Natsuko served as a Project Manager for the campus-wide eTextbook Initiative led by the University Library.  She currently serves as a member of Research Lifecycle Committee, Data Education Working Group, ORCID Task Force of the University Library, and also assists E-Research Peer Network and Mentoring Group for CLIR and DLF.