Harriet Lois Teller

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Manager of Stewardship and Events, Library Development


I hold two degrees from the University of Michigan: a Bachelor of Arts with Distinction in Communication and a Master of Telecommunication Arts.  As part of the requirements for my Master's degree, I wrote a screenplay about my grandfather, Lou Teller, who was a garment worker by day and an entertainer by night.


I have been a member of the staff of the Library Development Office since 1999, when I became the Director of Development Communications and Events. My responsibilities have changed over the years, and I am now the Manager of  Stewardship and Events.

Before coming to the LIbrary, I was the Director of Community Support for Michigan Radio, the University of Michigan's public radio service.  I started work at Michigan Radio in 1990 as the Promotion Director, and took on increased fundraising responsibilities over the years.

I was previously the National Field Director for the Amalgamated Clothing and Textile Workers Union, where I directed field staff around the U.S. and Canada, devised strategy for an international consumer boycott, and developed public relations materials.  My first experience with the labor movement was as a consumer boycott organizer and investigator for the United Farm Workers (UFW), led by Cesar Chavez. My experience with the UFW is described in an essay I wrote, "Starting on Union Street," included in the Farmworker Documentation Project http://farmworkermovement.com/essays/essays/075%20Teller_Harriet.pdf


I am responsible for organizing special events for the Library Development Office, including the annual Fall Donor Reception and other programs during the year.  I am also responsible for coordinating activities related to donors of Library funds, providing information on how their gifts are being used.  I am responsible for writing articles, profiles, correspondence, and other items related to Library Development.  In addition, I am the Library's contact person for in-kind gifts.  I screen offers of in-kind gifts, and when appropriate, put prospective donors in touch with librarians in their fields of interest.


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