Colin Fulton

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310 Hatcher North
Ann Arbor, MI 48190-1190
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Front-end Architect and Accessibility Specialist


I am the Front-end Architect and Accessibility Specialist for Design & Discovery in the Library IT department. My responsibilities primarily consist of advising on the creation of web interfaces, front-end web development, developing tooling, and consulting with other departments to ensure that our websites are accessible to all of our users.


I have a BFA in Interarts Performance from the University of Michigan School of Art & Design and the School of Music, Theatre and Dance. My studies focused on the use of technology in live performance, especially the use of sound, music, computers and projections in theater, dance, art installations and live music.

Prior to working for Design & Discovery I worked as a:

  • Media consultant and stagehand for the Digital Media Commons in the Duderstadt Center
  • Freelance designer, composer and technical director for stage performances and art installations
  • Front-of-house audio engineer
  • Freelance communications designer

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