Feyza Sayman

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Turkish Studies Specialist


 As the Turkish Studies Specialist, I  catalogue materials in Turkish, Ottoman Turkish, and Turkic languages. 

My main responsibilities are cataloguing, workflow management, collection development/management, research assistance for students, maintaining the Turkish Studies Research Guide, subject reference and technical assistance, training new staff members, serving as faculty liaison and outreach activities -- conducting a weekly Turkish Language & Literature Conversation Group since 1990. 

Community engagement: together with the efforts of the Turkish American Cultural Association of Michigan, the Turkish American Friendship Room was established in 1995 on the 4th floor of the Shapiro Science Library. 

I also perform the following functions: managing IS Area Programs hourly budget, and electronic timekeeping, maintaining  Intranet International Studies minutes, electronic mailing lists and facebook, and serving as Near East Technical Services Staff supervisor.



I am a native speaker of Turkish; and I initially studied several Turkic languages as a hobby. I studied Ottoman Turkish with Prof. James Stewart-Robinson. I studied Uzbek and several other Turkic languages & literatures with Prof. Yavuz Akpinar and  Prof. Marianne Kamp.
I hold a B.S. in Mathematics (Physics minor), Istanbul University, Faculty of Sciences. I taught mathematics and physics in Istanbul before coming to work at the Library.