Britain P. Woodman

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734 615 1667

204 Harlan Hatcher Graduate Library
913 South University Avenue
Ann Arbor, MI 48109-1190
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Learning Technologies Specialist


I implement tech solutions and develop training to support Library Operations -- we keep our library buildings open, safe, and full of amazing stuff for you to borrow and use.

I support the library's digital signage -- the display screens you see in Bert's Study Lounge, the Clark Library, and other library spaces.  I also provide tech support for the Computer and Video Game Archive. Finally, I am co-chair of the Library Diversity Council for the upcoming year [through June 2016]. Look for me in libraries throughout the Ann Arbor campus, and talking about all this stuff at conferences and workshops around the country.


I have a BS in Electronic Media from Eastern Michigan University and a number of IT industry certifications. I'm good at taking tests.

Before I joined the Library in 2007, I provided IT deployment and consulting services at a number of schools, creative firms, manufacturers, and communcations entities around the Detroit area and the United States.  Before that, I worked in a NOC for ANS, a for-profit spinoff of a non-profit spinoff of Merit Network.


Training, support, and evaluation of technologies and tools within Library Operations. Maintenance and content development for digital signage throughout the University Library.  Installation and maintenance of the software and equipment at the CVGA. And, of course, other duties as assigned. I go where I'm needed!