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Facilities Coordinator


I am a Facilities Coordinator for the University Library, and I handle signs and graphics, floor guides, sustainability initiatives, and liasion with the Washtenaw Intermediate School District's Transitions program, providing occupational training opportunities for developmentally disabled young adults. I also serve as a member of the Green Team, and Operations Web Team, providing facilities assistance when necessary. 



My interest in Facilities Management was sparked during my time in the Inter-Cooperative Council, a non-profit student housing cooperative in Ann Arbor. I began as Maintenance Manager of my own house before taking on responsibility as Vice President for Major Maintenance for the organization, which is comprised of 19 houses ranging in size from 12 members to 140+. During my time in the ICC I worked with the General Manager and the Directors of Minor and Major Maintenance to keep pushing fiscal and environmentally sustainable maintenance practices, encouraging preventative maintenance as well as installing consumer energy and utility saving devices in our properties.  

I joined the Library facilities staff as a student in 2008 and became a permanent employee in 2010. 


Sustainability Initiatives

Signs and Graphics

Floor guides

Transitions program


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