Usability in the Library: MTagger Reports

About the Project

Project Overview: Tests conducted from May 2008 - August 2008. All evaluations conducted by the Usability Working Group & their 2 interns.

Methodologies: Heuristic Evaluation & Cognitive Walkthrough, Informal "Guerilla" User Testing, Comparative Evaluation, and Interviews.

"Find It. MTag It. Share It." MTagger is the U-M Library's tagging tool -- it allows you to save and label things you find on library web pages, the library catalog (Mirlyn), digital images, or any other web page. See the MTagger FAQ for more information.

MTagger Cognitive Walkthrough and Heuristic Evaluation (May 2008)

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The goal for these evaluations was to reveal a preliminary set of issues pertaining to the usability, functionality and aesthetics of MTagger and to facilitate prioritizing further benchmarks.

MTagger Guerilla Test of the MTagger Pop-up Tagging Window (June 2008)

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The goal for this test was to determine if the Tagging window should incorporate the flexibility to navigate to the user’s personal MTagger account after applying tags to a webpage.

MTagger Comparative Evaluation (June 2008)

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Usability interns researched popular platforms that are currently providing online bookmarking and tagging services. Attention was paid to how these sites handle issues known to exist in MTagger as well as how these tools provide users with features that go beyond MTagger’s current implementation.

MTagger Interviews (June 2008)

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Interviews were conducted to gather feedback about user behavior and expectations concerning MTagger and other social tagging tools in order to improve and expand upon existing features in the MTagger interface.

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