Usability in the Library: LibGuides Reports

About the Project

Project Overview: Tests conducted from Summer 2009 - mid-Fall 2009 by the Usability Group and the LibGuides Usability Task Force.

Methodologies: Focus Group, Informal "Guerilla" User Testing.

LibGuides is a commercial, web-based content management system used to present the library's various subject and technology-based guides. Librarians can quickly and easily create guides to resources in a simple, modular format. LibGuides provides "boxes" in different content format types, designed to better display certain types of information (for example:  links of web resources, RSS feeds, or delicious tags).

Focus Group (September 2009)

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The goal for this test was not to look at specific design or functionality features of LibGuides, but to better understand the research habits of undergraduate students.

Guerilla Testing (November 2009)

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This guerrilla test built on previous focus group findings which demonstrated that the language currently used to describe our LibGuides (e.g., "research guides") is confusing and misleading regarding the actual content found on LibGuides pages.

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