How Do I Make a Reserves Request?

To submit a reserves request, use the University Reserves Database. Entering your request through the database ensures the fastest processing. To create a request, follow the 6 steps outlined below.


Screenshot of the University Reserves Database
Step 1

Click on the “Create a Request” tab on the navigation bar.

Step 2

Enter the term, estimated enrollment, and the department and course number in the provided fields. If your department and course number are not listed, select "NOT LISTED" and manually fill in the department or number. If your class is cross-listed, enter the number of departments it is cross-listed with and provide the course number for each department.

Step 3

Once you have confirmed the course information, you will be shown a list of the items you have requested in past terms. You are able to sort these items by term and class by using the dropdown menu at the top of the list. If you would like to use items you placed on reserve in previous terms, place a checkmark by each item you would like. If you do not want to add old items, scroll to the bottom of the page and click “Next”.

Step 4

To add new titles to your request, click on the "Add a New Item" drop-down menu. If you would like a library owned copy of your desired title select “Add a Book”. If you would like to place a coursepack on reserve, select “Add a Coursepack” and if you would like to place a personally or departmentally owned copy of a book on reserve select “Add a General Private Copy”. Coursepacks and private copies must be brought into the University Reserves office (1154 Shapiro) to be processed and placed on reserve.

As you add each item, it will appear in the "Items Requested So Far" section of the page. When you are finished adding items, click "Done Adding Items." You have now added these items to the database under your name but you have not yet submitted a request to University Reserves until you complete Step 5.

Step 5

Review your request. If you you would like edit your request, use the back button to make changes. Once you are ready, click on "Finished-Send my Request."

Step 6

Your request has now been submitted and you can view it by clicking on “Pending Requests” under the “Review Requests” tab. If you have any further questions regarding your request, please contact University Reserves through email or by phone (734)-764-7491.

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Last modified: 04/12/2013