Poster Printing

We offer high quality, mediated, poster printing to all University of Michigan students, faculty, and staff. 

Cost: $8.40/linear foot (42" glossy paper)

Ex. 3ftX4ft poster is 4 linear feet cost is $34.  Pricing is rounded up to the nearest half foot.

Students: Poster printing is included in the standard computing services and will be charged against your total printing allocation ($24.00 allocation per term for students, $3.00 allocation per term for faculty and staff). Students will be billed directly to their university student account if they print beyond the $24 allocation.

Faculty/Nonlibrary Staff: Faculty and staff must have made prior funding arrangements using a departmental ShortCode. To make provide a departmental ShortCode, call the ITS Service Center at 734-764-4357 (4-HELP). See more information about poster printing in Sites.

Library Staff: A general shortcode has been set up, you do not need to know the code to print.  If you joined the library after 9/1/2011, please contact to be added to the account.

If you are paying by shortcode, but don't have time to set up the account online, you may print same day at Groundworks on North Campus.

We do not accept cash, checks, or credit cards.  

Creating Your Poster

We strongly encourage you to use Adobe Illustrator (.AI) to create your poster.  We also accept PowerPoint, PDF, and Photoshop documents.  The Duderstadt Center provides templates for Adobe Illustrator available here.

You may take a free workshop on "Creating Professional-looking Conference Posters" at the Faculty Exploratory in the Graduate Library or the Duderstadt Center on North Campus.

Printing Process

Poster printing is available on a first come first serve basis when we are open.  

You are responsible for proof-reading the content of your poster.  When you come to print we will send the file to the printer and give you and opportunity to look it over before printing.  The printing process may take 15 minutes or longer depending on file and poster size.  This excludes any file changes/corrections that may be necessary prior to printing.  Please allow for extra time.

Additional Resources

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