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WorldCat (OCLC)
OCLC Online Union Catalog (OLUC)
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World Cat

Over 62 million records describing books, periodicals, sound recordings, videos, musical scores, archival materials, maps, electronic resources, and much more, in over 400 different languages. Shows what materials are held by over 57,000 libraries worldwide (including most libraries in North America, and the national libraries of Australia and many Western European countries). Incorporates all records from the Research Libraries Group (RLG) Union Catalog (RLIN).

Current cumulative file. (Describes library-held materials dated from prehistory to the present.)
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Oxford Dictionary of Music


Provides over 12,000 entries and covers musical subjects of all kinds in an authoritative and accessible way. Includes entries on composers, performers, conductors, directors, critics, and scholars; musical terms, styles, and forms; as well as instruments, individual works, performance venues, and a host of other topics.

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Baker's Biographical Dictionary of Popular Musicians since 1990

Alternative Titles
Gale Virtual Reference Library (GVRL)

An A-Z biographical reference that focuses on individual artists and groups in all popular styles active from 1990 to the present, including those in rock, rhythm and blues, rap, country, electronica, jazz, vocal and classical. Features include select discographies, bibliographies, a glossary of musical terms, and other information. Also features appendix essays on various topics including the music industry, rap, and grunge. This is an electronic version of the 2004 two-volume print publication.

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Music Index (EBSCO)

Music Index is a comprehensive guide to music periodicals and other literature, featuring digitized content from 1970 to the present. Formerly provided by Harmonie Park Press, this database contains cover-to-cover indexing and abstracts of articles about music, musicians, and the music industry for more than 480 periodicals, as well as book reviews, obituaries, news, and selective coverage for more than 200 periodicals. The comprehensive coverage of the music field and every aspect of the classical and popular worlds of music makes Music Index an invaluable resource for both novice and scholar.
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RILM Abstracts of Music Literature

Alternative Titles
Repertoire International de Litterature Musicale

RILM Abstracts of Music Literature, a comprehensive, ongoing guide to publications on music from all over the world, is an indispensable tool for scholars, students, librarians, performers, teachers, and music lovers. It provides broad yet detailed coverage and facilitates both focused research and browsing for readers of all levels. From hip hop to Händel, from ethnomusicology to music therapy, from elementary music education to advanced music theory, RILM is the first stop for the researcher who wants clear, verified bibliographic information, fully cited, abstracted, and indexed. Since its first publication in 1967, RILM has been a mighty ally for music researchers, and its capabilities and coverage have been constantly expanding, most recently with the addition of retrospective coverage of music conferences from 1865 to the present. RILM currently contains over 500,000 entries; approximately 30,000 new records are added every year, covering all document types: articles, books, bibliographies, catalogues, dissertations, Festschriften, iconographies, critical commentaries to complete works, ethnographic recordings, conference proceedings, electronic resources, reviews, and more. 

RILM was established in 1966 under the joint sponsorship of the International Musicological Society and the International Association of Music Libraries, Archives, and Documentation Centres. The publication of RILM is made possible by the efforts of some 60 national committees located in Europe, Asia, Africa, and North and South America. The committees are composed of musicologists and librarians based at major university or national libraries and research institutes. Among the current host institutions are the British Library, the Russian State Library, the Bibliothèque Nationale de France, the Bibliothèque Royale (Brussels), the National Library of Canada, and the Staatliches Institut für Musikforschung, Preußischer Kulturbesitz (Berlin).

Major areas of coverage include:

  • Western and Eastern classical
  • Popular music
  • Folk
  • Jazz
  • Historical musicology
  • Ethnomusicology
  • Instruments and voice
  • Librarianship
  • Performance practice and notation
  • Music theory and analysis
  • Pedagogy
  • Liturgy
  • Dance
  • Criticism
  • Music therapy
  • Acoustics
  • Anthropology
  • Sociology
  • Linguistics and semiotics
  • Literature
  • Dramatic arts
  • Physiology
  • Psychology
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IPA Source

Alternative Titles
IPA Source: IPA Transcriptions and Literal Translations of Songs and Arias

Contains over 7300 International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) transcriptions and literal translations of opera arias and art song texts. IPA Source is searchable by composer, poet, title, opera aria and Latin text. Texts are available as downloadable PDFs.

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Project MUSE

Alternative Titles
University Press Content Consortium (UPCC) Books

Project Muse provides full-text versions of scholarly journals from many of the world's leading university presses and scholarly societies, with over 120 publishers currently participating. UPCC Book Collections on Project MUSE, launched in January 2012, offer book-length scholarship, fully integrated with MUSE's scholarly journal content.  The Project Muse platform allows searching of books and journals in one place and at the same time and offers alerts and social networking options for sharing discoveries with colleagues.

The following is a list of publishers participating in UPCC Book Collections as of September 2013. Note that some titles are excluded from the Project MUSE platform at the publisher's discretion.

  • African Books Collective
  • Baylor University Press
  • Brookings Institution Press
  • Catholic University of America Press
  • Central European University Press
  • Chinese University Press (forthcoming 2014)
  • Cork University Press
  • Cornell University Press (forthcoming 2014)
  • Cornell University East Asia Program
  • Duke University Press
  • Duquesne University Press
  • ELT Press
  • The Feminist Press
  • Fordham University Press
  • Fortress Press (forthcoming 2014)
  • Franciscan Institute Publications
  • Gallaudet University Press
  • Georgetown University Press
  • Hong Kong University Press
  • Indiana University Press
  • Institute of Southeast Asian Studies
  • Jewish Publication Society
  • Johns Hopkins University Press
  • Kent State University Press
  • Leuven University Press (forthcoming 2014)
  • Liberty Fund
  • Louisiana State University Press
  • Medieval Institute Publications
  • Michigan State University Press
  • Minnesota Historical Society Press
  • The MIT Press
  • National Bureau of Asian Research
  • New York University Press
  • Northern Illinois University Press (forthcoming 2014)
  • Northwestern University Press
  • NUS Press Ltd
  • Ohio State University Press (forthcoming 2014)
  • Ohio University Press
  • Oregon State University Press
  • Pennsylvania State University Press
  • Presses de l'Université du Québec
  • Purdue University Press
  • Red Hen Press
  • RIT Press
  • Russell Sage Foundation
  • Rutgers University Press
  • School for Advanced Research Press (forthcoming 2014)
  • Slavica Publishers
  • Southern Illinois University Press
  • SUNY Press
  • Syracuse University Press
  • Temple University Press
  • Texas A&M University Press
  • Texas Christian University Press
  • Texas Tech University Press (forthcoming 2014)
  • University of Akron Press
  • University of Alabama Press
  • University of Arizona Press
  • University of Arkansas Press
  • University of California Press (forthcoming 2014)
  • University of Georgia Press
  • University of Hawaii Press
  • University of Illinois Press
  • University of Iowa Press
  • University of Massachusetts Press
  • University of Michigan Press
  • University of Minnesota Press (forthcoming 2014)
  • University of Missouri Press (forthcoming 2014)
  • University of Nebraska Press
  • University of Nevada Press
  • University of New Mexico Press
  • University of North Carolina Press
  • University of North Texas Press
  • University of Notre Dame Press
  • University of Ottawa Press
  • University of Pennsylvania Press
  • University of Pittsburgh Press
  • University of South Carolina Press (forthcoming 2014)
  • University of Tennessee Press
  • University of Texas Press
  • University of Virginia Press
  • University of Washington Press
  • University of Wisconsin Press
  • University Press of Colorado
  • University Press of Florida
  • University Press of Kentucky
  • University Press of Mississippi
  • University Press of New England
  • Utah State University Press
  • Vanderbilt University Press
  • Wayne State University Press
  • Wesleyan University Press
  • West Virginia University Press
  • W.E. Upjohn Institute
  • Wilfrid Laurier University Press


1995 - (Journal issues) 2012 - (Books)
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Oxford Companion to Music


This new edition of the classic reference work includes articles that range from clear, concise definitions of musical ideas and terms to extended surveys of musical forms and styles, with specialist coverage of virtually every musical subject. It places music in its social and cultural context, with a range of new entries on topics such as politics, religion, psychology, and computers. The book covers current research in and approaches to music, including analysis, theory, ethnomusicology, and performance practice. All varieties of musical forms are convered, including jazz, popular music, and dance.

Current edition.
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Alternative Titles
Musical America

Top international performing arts professionals go to for

  • In-depth coverage of performing arts industry news
  • Special Reports into the key issues and solutions driving the performing arts industry
  • Extensive databases with critical information covering the international landscape of performing artists, facilities, managers, presenters, schools, media, services and organizations.
  • Frequently updated news stories, reviews, databases
  • News directly from industry groups and organizations through our Press Releases section

The site contains a wealth of data, including international industry news, all contact information and articles from the print directory and archive information. There are subscriber-based and free areas.


  • Daily international news stories
  • Performance reviews
  • Quick-read summaries of major media stories


  • Over 14,000 contacts and addresses
  • Easy search by budget category, type of event, state, country, etc.
  • Updated on a quarterly basis
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American Song

Alternative Titles
African American Song (former title)

Provides streaming access to more than 120,000 audio tracks, including songs by and about American Indians, miners, immigrants, slaves, children, pioneers, and cowboys. Included in the database are the songs of Civil Rights, political campaigns, Prohibition, the Revolutionary War, the Civil War, anti-war protests, and more. The range of genres includes country, folk, bluegrass, Western, old time, American Indian, blues, gospel, shape note singing, doo-wop, Motown, R&B, soul, funk, and others.

Labels include Rounder Records, Appleseed Recordings, Stax, Specialty Records, Testament Records, McNeil Music, Native Ground Music, Rebel Records, County Records, Smithsonian Folkways, Document Records, and more.

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