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Tiananmen Square and U.S.-China Relations, 1989-1993

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Archives Unbound

Tiananmen Square and U.S.-China Relations, 1989-1993 offers primary source documents relating to the demonstrations and their aftermath: public mail, memoranda, reports, cables, meeting notes, news clippings and much more. This archive was sourced from the George H.W. Bush Presidential Library and contains 19,137 pages created between 1989-1993.

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Records of the Persian Gulf War

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Archives Unbound

This archive consists of documents from several White House Office of Records Management Subject File categories and the Staff and Office Files. They chronicle the Bush White House’s response to the political and military crises in the Persian Gulf:

  • White House Office of Records Management (WHORM) Subject File categories contains correspondence, memoranda, news clippings, and brochures from the general public, Congress, and the Bush administration
  • WHORM Subject File categories CO072 and CO083 contain documents concerning Iraq and Kuwait, respectively
  • Another large segment related to this subject is WHORM Subject File National Defense ND016 (Persian Gulf War)
  • Staff and Office Files contain correspondence, memoranda, and publications maintained by individual staff members and offices

A significant amount of material consists of files of the National Security Council (NSC). These documents deal with topics such as:

  • the inspection and elimination of Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction
  • diplomatic efforts to create the Gulf Coalition
  • U.S. policy towards Iraq prior to the conflict
  • U.S. efforts to assist Kurdish refugees
  • military operations in the Persian Gulf Theatre

The archive includes 49,569 pages, created in 1990-1991 and sourced from the George H.W. Bush Presidential Library.


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Afghanistan and the U.S., 1945-1963: Records of the U.S. State Department Classified Files

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Archives Unbound

The documents found in this archive are drawn from the U.S. State Department Central Classified Files. These files are the definitive source of American diplomatic reporting on worldwide political, military, social and economic developments in the 20th century. The archive contains a wide range of materials from U.S. diplomats, including: special reports on political and military affairs; studies and statistics on socioeconomic matters; interviews and minutes of meetings with foreign government officials; court proceedings and other legal documents; full texts of important letters, instructions, and cables sent and received by U.S. diplomatic personnel; voluminous reports and translations from foreign journals and newspapers; countless translations of high-level foreign government documents, including speeches, memoranda, official reports, and transcripts of political meetings and assemblies. Documents are arranged topically and chronologically, on crucial subjects such as political parties and elections, unrest and revolution, human rights, government, labor, housing, public health, religion, industry and much more.

Collections in the archive:

  • Records of the Department of State Relating to Political Relations Between the U.S. and Afghanistan, 1930-1963
  • Records of the Department of State Relating to Internal Affairs:  Afghanistan, 1945-1949 and 1960-1963
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Witchcraft in Europe and America

Alternative Titles
Archives Unbound

This archive on witchcraft includes texts dating from the 15th century to the early 20th century. The majority of the material concerns the so-called "classic period" of the 16th to 18th centuries. In addition to these classic texts, the archive includes:

  • Anti-persecution writings
  • Works by penologists
  • Legal and church documents
  • Exposés of persecutions
  • Philosophical writings
  • Transcripts of trials
  • Exorcisms

The majority of these texts, sourced from the Cornell University library, are in Latin, English and German, although there are also selected items in French, Italian, Portuguese, Danish, Dutch and Spanish.

Collections in this archive: 

  • Witchcraft in Europe and America
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Archives Unbound


Archives Unbound presents topically-focused digital collections of historical documents. Collections in Archives Unbound cover a broad range of topics from the middle ages forward- from Witchcraft to World War II to twentieth century political history. Collections can be cross-searched or searched individually. For a complete list of available collections, see:

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Shoah Foundation's Visual History Archive Online (catalog & sample testimonies only)

Alternative Titles
USC Shoah Foundation Institute Visual History Archive
Shoah VHA

Available to the general public, this version of the Visual History Archive provides access to the full metadata covering 52,000 interviews found on the Visual History Archive. Users can search the archive in a number of ways including name, experience, place and language. In addition, a select number of English language testimonies are available for viewing. To view testimonies not included in this sample set, see the USC Shoah Foundation Institute Visual History Archive,

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Documents of 20th Century Latin American and Latino Art

Alternative Titles
ICAA Documents of 20th Century Latin American and Latino Art
Documents of Twentieth- century Latin American and Latino Art

This archive provides access to primary sources and critical documents tracing the development of twentieth-century art in Latin America and among Latino populations in the United States.Documents include writings by artists, artistic movements, critics, and curators from Mexico, Central and South America, the Caribbean, and the United States. The archive may be searched by keywords or browsed by descriptors.

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The Worcester Philippine History Collection


In 1914 Dean C. Worcester donated his extensive collection of Philippine books and manuscripts to his alma mater, the University of Michigan. Since Worcester’s initial donation the Philippines collection has grown to include over seventeen hundred printed and manuscript items as well as photographs documenting many aspects of Philippine history. Particular emphasis is placed on the period between 1899 and 1913, when Worcester served as a member of the United States Philippine Commission and as secretary of the interior for the Insular Government of the Philippine Islands.

In addition to the Special Collections Library, significant holdings related to the Worcester Philippine History Collection can also be found at the Bentley Historical Library, the Museum of Anthropology, and the Kelsey Museum of Archeology

Listed below are the archival collections that belong to the Worcester Philippine Collection at the University of Michigan's Special Collections Library. The two Worcester collections begin the list, which is then ordered alphabetically by attributed author, or where there is no author, by the title of the collection.

Dean C. Worcester Papers 1834-1915
5 boxes consisting of manuscripts and typewritten correspondence, articles, reports, primarily documenting Worcester’s activities as a member of the U.S. Philippines Commission and Secretary of the Interior of the Philippines, 1899-1913. For Mirlyn record click here.

Worcester Family Papers, c. 1740-1940
Approximately 8 linear feet consisting primarily of handwritten correspondence and sermons. Also included is a variety of ephemera including photographs from the Worcester and Conant/Bonney branches of the Worcester Family, newspaper clippings, legal documents, pamphlets etc. 

Wedding Photo of General and Mrs. Emilio Aguinaldo with original inscription and signature of Emilio Aguinaldo
This collection consists of 1 folder containing a typewritten signed letter from Aguinaldo to Horace F. Lyons (1931), a wedding picture of Emilio Aguinaldo signed by Aguinaldo, and a handwritten document which according to the typewritten letter is a copy of the 1898 Philippine declaration of independence.  For Mirlyn record click here.

H.H. Bartlett Collection, c. 1899-1916
1 box consisting of typescript copies of articles and reports concerning political and military events and social issues.

Belgian Missionaries in the Philippines. Correspondence, 1913-1920.
Collection consists of 3 folders of letters written in both Flemish and French by Belgian missionaries in the Philippines, D.M. Hortense and D.M. Ursula of the convent of the Belgian Sisters located in Baguio, Banguet, Philippine Islands. Includes 4 printed programs, 2 manuscript pocket notebooks and 1 photograph.

Robert and Willard Clark. Letters from the Philippines to family in New York, 1903-1910
Consists of a collection of 40 handwritten letters, dated 1902-1906, written by Willard and Robert Clark (brothers) in the Philippines. For Mirlyn record click here.

Captain Harry M. Dey Papers: Philippine-American War in Leyte and Samar 1899-1901
1.25 linear feet consisting of handwritten field reports, official documents, 309 photographs and other ephemera. For Mirlyn record click here.

Journal of N.W. Cameron, Elkton, Md., U.S.A. : [manuscript]
Collection consists of  5 volume Diary of N.W. Cameron, Tagbilaran, Bohol, P.I. 1901 Aug. 15-1904 May 9. Span the duration of Cameron's stay in the Philippines. The first entry, written while on board the "Thomas", is a retrospective account of events beginning with his departure from Maryland on July 17, previously written in a journal that was stolen. For Mirlyn record click here.

Donn V. Hart Letters from Manila, Philippines, 1950
This collection consists of 1 folder containing 150 items including photographs. The collection is primarily comprised of Typewritten with impressions of Hart's first trip to the Philippines, which began in Yokohama (Japan), descriptions of the different provinces of the Philippines, and stories of interactions with politicians, hacienderos and local farmers. For Mirlyn record click here.

Charlotte Klopp Heilbronn ephemera and images of Manila and Baguio. 1915-1939
This collection consists of photographs, newspaper clippings, type and handwritten letters, and other ephemera. This collection was gifted to Special Collections by Heilbronn’s Niece in 2000.

Parker Hitt photograph collection
Collection consists of seven albumen cabinet cards with portraits of Parker Hitt from infancy through adulthood. From Hitt's tour of duty: seven panoramic photographs of the Mindanao countryside; and fifty photographs depicting members of the Tausug (Moros), sites and buildings of the area in and around Agusan, Lanao, Marawi, and Panta (Pulau, Indonesia), soldiers and officers. For Mirlyn record click here.

Charles D. Keller Diary, 1944-1946
Consists of a 120 page manuscript diary, dated 1944-1946, written by Corporal Charles D. Keller (Tank Commander, Company B, 727th Amphibious Tractor Battalion), who served in the South Pacific. There are 3 small photographs lose inside the diary. Also included in a leather case containing Keller’s “Discharge Service Record” for his honorable discharge.  For Mirlyn record click here. 

George Kennan typed Copy of letter of U.S. military's use of water-torture on Philippine prisoners, dated Jan 14, 1902.
This collection consists of a single letter from George Kennan to Mr. J. Leroy Smith. For Mirlyn record click here.

Charles J. King Letters, 14 manuscript letters to Grace Shaw, 1901-1903
This collections consists of 14 handwritten letters from Charles J. King of Co. D, 1st Regiment, United States Marines, from Cavite, Luzon to Miss Grace Shaw of Massachusetts. Letters include extensive accounts of combat on the Samar in late in October and early November 1901. For Mirlyn record click here.

Maria C. Lanzar-Carpio Dissertation, 1928
4 items including a typescript carbon copy of Lanzar-Carpio’s doctoral dissertation, titled “The Anti-Imperialist League” (University of Michigan, 1928), along with 3 letters to Lanzar-Carpio. For Mirlyn record click here.

Frederick E. Lennon Spanish-American War Diaries
This collection consists of two manuscript diaries, totaling 218 pages dated November 3, 1898-November 5, 1899. Lennon covers in detail his military service from leaving San Francisco, the year he spent in the Philippines, to his return home. For Mirlyn record click here.

Arthur J. Lowell: Letters, 1900 February 14 to 1901 January 10, Baliuag, Philippine Islands, to Iva Hutchinson
Consists of 10 letters from Arthur Lowell to Iva Hutchinson and 2 from Will Hutchinson to Iva Hutchinson. For Mirlyn record click here.

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McCaskey Family Correspondence, Philippine Islands, 1899-1906
This collection consists of 16 handwritten letters by the McCaskey Family during the years of 1899-1906. The primary writer of the letters is General William Spencer McCaskey writing to his wife back home.  For Mirlyn record click here.

Cicil McRaynolds small Archive relating to the Spanish-American War in the Philippines
Consists of one folder containing the type and hand written correspondence of Cicil McRaynolds I. Also included are some newspaper clippings. For Mirlyn record click here.

Manila (Philippines) collection [1896-1900?]
Collection consists of 16 albumen prints depicting buildings, bridges, rivers and the port of the city of Manila during the latter part of the nineteenth century. Also included are several pictures of outlying farms, prisoners of the Revolution of 1896, and one of a Chinese street barber and ear cleaner. For Mirlyn record click here.

Manila (Philippines) and environs [ca. 1900-1935]
Collection consists of 22 hand-tinted albumen prints and 9 tinted (hand-colored?) slides. For Mirlyn record click here: PrintsSlides

Miscellaneous Manuscript Additions, 1916-1937
1 box consisting of single items (letters, reports, and documents) concerning the history of the Philippine Islands.

Miscellaneous Manuscript Additions
This is a collection of miscellaneous manuscripts that have been added to the Worcester Philippines collection over the years.

Miscellaneous Print and Manuscript Materials
This collections consists of printed and manuscript materials from the Philippines, mostly from the 1950s and 1960s.

George R. Osborn Letters to parents, 1900. Pertaining to Spanish-American War.
This collection consists of one folder of handwritten letters from George R. Osborn (a solider) to his parents on the topic of the Spanish American War. For Mirlyn record click here.

John J. Pershing Reports on expeditions to Lake Lanao
This collection consists of two folders containing typed reports, prepared by John J Pershing. The first is of an expedition along the West shore of Lake Lanao from Camp Vicars to Marshui (May 15th, 1903). The second is a typed report on an earlier expedition along Lake Lanao on Febuary 20th, 1902.

Samuel N. Petersen Diary, 1899 May 15-Oct. 14, Philippines
This collection consists of the diary of Samuel N. Peterson (Company A, Battalion of Engineers). For Mirlyn record click here.

Philippines Cartoons and Photographs
This collection consists of four framed pictures and a poster. The poster is for a gallery show in 1980, there is an image of the Price of Wales from 1922 visiting the Philippines, a French political cartoon with the words “Aux Philippine Le troisième larron,” a second French political cartoon listing southeast Asian islands off as though they were menu items, and an image of the Prince of wales from a polo match held in honor of his 1922 visit.

Photo albums associated with naval hospitals in the Philippines
This collection consists of two photo albums with over 175 gelatin silver prints, most in Kodak postcard format, all of which describe the tour of the USS Relief, a hospital naval ship. For Mirlyn record click here.

Dorothy A. Sims Letters and photos, Philippines, 1938-1941
This Collection consist of 7 letters and cards, type and handwritten, plus two photographs. The letters were written by Dorothy A. Sims, a missionary in the Philippines at All Saints Mission, Bontoc, Mountain Province. She gives excellent information and details of her work with children there. For Mirlyn record click here.

The David J. Steinberg Philippines collection, 1899-1995
Collection contains 8 linear feet of research materials, both original documents and photocopies, which pertain to Steinberg's career in the study of Southeast Asia and the Philippines. They are divided into eight series: Correspondence, which contains letters to and from Benigno Aquino, Douglas MacArthur, Manuel Roxas, and Jaime Cardinal Sin, to name a few. For Mirlyn record click here.

Stereograph cards from the Spanish American War
Collection consists of 23 cards depicting US troops, activities and geography in the Philippines. Published by Strohmeyer and Wyman, sold by Underwood and Underwood. For Mirlyn record click here.

Everett E. Thompson Papers, 1900-1901
This collection consists of 134 letters and postcards written to Thompson from the Philippines and other East Asian locations; 98 letters to Thompson from friends and colleagues; from the United States. 1 manuscript map of Cavite, Batangas; 10 items of ephemera, printed; and 275 photographs, taken by Thompson.

Herbert Welsh Papers, 1895-1913
765 items including correspondence and documents relating to efforts of the Anti-Imperialist League opposing American imperialism in the Philippines. For Mirlyn record click here.

Tiffany Williams papers, 1893-1986
1 box consisting of primarily typewritten reminiscences of Williams’s experiences as a military officer in the Philippine Constabulary. For Mirlyn record click here.

Erving Winslow Anti-Imperialist League Papers, 1903-1922
597 items and 5 bound volumes including correspondence, mainly Winslow’s outgoing letters and letters to him from members of the League’s executive committee, government officials, and representatives of public interest groups. The bound volumes are minute reports from meetings of the league from 1898-1920. For Mirlyn record click here.

World War II damage in Manila, 1940s. Photo album
This collection consists of 1 photo album containing 80 small photos (approximately 5cm. x 7cm.) and 12 larger photos (7cm. x 11cm.). Most images have brief captions. For Mirlyn record click here.

Luke Wright Papers, 1883-1911, bulk 1900-1906
Collection includes correspondence, household budgets, invitations, letters of reference, documents, clippings and photographs reflecting aspects of Wright’s diplomatic career in the Philippines, Japan and the United States. The bulk of the collection covers Luke and Katherine Wright's lives during their appointment to the Philippines, 1900-1906. Of particular interest are letters from Theodore Roosevelt, William Taft and Leonard Wood. For Mirlyn record click here.

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Global Information Week 2014

Global Information Week provides events and a venue for students to reflect on globalization and its effect on their lives. The University Library is not only a place for research, but also a vibrant social center, particularly for undergraduates, where connections and contacts are made. Whether it be through student panels, information workshops or international music performances, Global Information Week offers students a chance to connect with the world. 

This week of events is sponsored by MLibrary in conjunction with the LSA Theme Semester India in the World


Global Information Resources Workshop - India

Date: Wednesday March 19,  4 - 5:30pm

Location: Room 4041, 4th floor of the Shapiro Undergraduate Library

Traveling to India for an internship or study abroad experience? Just as you need to pack your bags, it’s important to gather and “pack” information to better prepare you for your trip abroad. Topics include locating books and articles at the Library, resources on Indian culture and etiquette, country profile websites and news databases.

Register at:


World Cafe Discussion: The Experience of Students from South Asian Heritage at the University of Michigan

Dates: Thursday March 20, Noon - 1:30pm

Location: Room 100Hatcher Graduate Library 

Join us for a participatory discussion about the lived experience of students from South Asian heritage at the U of M. Lunch will be provided including vegetarian options. All University community members are 
invited to attend. 
This event is sponsored by the India in the World Theme semester and the University Library.
If you have questions or comments please contact the event organizers at

Curators' Tour of the Maps and Map Making in India Exhibit

Date: Friday, March 21, 2 - 3pm

Location: Clark Library, 2nd Floor Hatcher Library    

Join Tim Utter, Manager of the Clark Library and Jeff Martin, Librarian for South Asian Studies for a curators' tour of the "Maps and Map Making in India Exhibit". For more information about the exhibit click here


JHARHAA (roots) - Photos of Northern India Digital Exhibit

Date: March 17 - 21

Location: Digital Screens, Bert's Study Lounge, Shapiro Undergraduate Library 

Digital exhibit of photographs taken by Gurpreet Rana, Library Global Health Coordinator, during a recent trip to Northern India. 


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