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Floor Plans

Floor Plans of the Biological Station Library

First Floor

  • Librarian's desk
  • Current Unbound Periodicals
  • Book/Journal Stacks (Dewey Decimal collection continued)
  • Atlas, Oversize, & Reference Collections
  • Map Cabinets
  • Computer Access Stations
  • Course Reserve Tables
  • Reprint Files
  • Cage (secured cabinet for Special Collections)
  • Microfiche Readers


The annex of the library contains most of the items classified with Dewey classification numbers. (This means that the call number begins with a number instead of a letter). This room also contains the oldest part of the collection of the library, with titles going back to the 1800s.

  • Photocopier
  • Laptop with internet access
  • New Books shelves
  • Book/journal stacks (Dewey Decimal collection)

Second Floor

The second floor houses all the books, aside from the reference collection, that are categorized with LC call numbers. (This means that the call numbers begin with letters as opposed to numbers). This area contains most of the newer books of the collection.

  • Book/journal stacks (Library of Congress [LC])
  • Seating for private study
  • Mac with Mirlyn access
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Science Library Sitemap

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Reference Services

Walk-In Reference

The Shapiro Science Library no longer staffs a walk-in reference desk of its own. For in-person assistance with science reference questions, ask at the Undergraduate Library reference desk on the first floor of Shapiro Library or at the Graduate Library reference desk on the second floor of the Hatcher Graduate Library, or contact the appropriate science librarian for an appointment. Help is also available via phone, email, and instant messaging through the Ask A Librarian reference service.

Research Consultations

We offer research consultations for individuals or small groups by appointment. Consultations can be anywhere from a few minutes to an hour, depending on the question. To set up an appointment, email with a brief description of your research topic and scheduling requirements, or contact directly the Science Librarian whose subject area most closely matches your topic.

Science Print Reference Collection

Our more heavily used reference volumes have now moved to the reference shelves on the first floor of Shapiro Library, near the Undergraduate Library reference desk. The remaining print reference materials have been integrated into the bound journals collection on third floor, or in some cases into the circulating collection on the fourth floor. Check Mirlyn if you're looking for a science reference book that's not where you think it should be.

Reference Resources:

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Contact Information


Shapiro Library circulation desk: 1-734-764-7490


Science Library fax: 1-734-763-9813


Shapiro Library Building: 3rd and 4th Floors

Campus Map

3rd Floor Map

4th Floor Map


919 South University Avenue
Ann Arbor, MI 48109-1185

Email: For circulation questions contact Shapiro circulation. For research questions, please contact the appropriate subject librarian. General inquiries about the science library may be sent to Other questions and comments should be sent to the Ask A Librarian email reference service.

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Computers & Printing


Computing stations, 3rd Floor

Large Computer Island, Greenland     Small Computer Island, Tahiti

The third floor of the Science Library contains two computer islands housing 17 Windows machines and 6 iMacs. Most require a UM uniqname and password to access, but a few stations are available for guest use. Information on how to sign in as a guest is displayed on the login screen of machines with a guest account. Some databases, including SciFinder Scholar, can only be accessed via UM validated sign-on.


Computing stations, 4th Floor

Computers, 4th Floor     Computers, 4th Floor

Computers are located on the 4th floor for quick look-ups in the library catalog. There are two Windows machines and two iMacs available for use, and all are guest-accessible. Three computers are located directly across from the elevators and main stairwell; another PC is located around the corner to the left of the elevators, near the stacks holding call numbers in the QA200s.



Public Printers     Guest Printer & Copier

There are two public printers available to University of Michigan users, located by the large computer island on the third floor. Printed pages are charged to the balance of your ITS Standard Computing Services account. Jobs waiting to be printed can be viewed on the Science Library Print Queue monitor.

The MCard photocopiers on the third floor have printing capabilities. Users with UM credentials may authenticate to send documents to these machines via MPrint. Guests may also print at the Science Library using the middle MCard copier, scipubcopy2-guest, which serves as our guest printer. Documents sent to this printer can be released with a guest MCard. Guest MCards are available from the Shapiro and Hatcher circulation desks in $2, $5, and $10 amounts. The cards cannot be recharged, unless you are using a short code, but they may be recycled at the Shapiro or Hatcher main circulation desks.

Check the print queue monitor adjacent to the Science public printers if your job does not appear. If a job is stalled, library staff may be able to cancel it for you. (Note: Duplex printing is an option for the Science public printers. ITS charges by the printed side for duplex printing, so a regular 8x11 black and white sheet printed on both sides will count as 2 pages of your standard computing services printing allocation.)

Ask library staff at the Undergraduate Library reference or circulation desks (both on the first floor) for assistance with fixing paper jams, filling paper trays, replacing toner, etc.


Printing/Copying Refunds

U-M affiliates can use this ITS form to request a printing/copying refund.

Guest Users: We are currently unable to provide refunds for individual print/copy jobs. If your copy card (guest MCard) is malfunctioning, ask at the nearest circulation desk to have it replaced.



Scanner     Scanner

The Science Library has four scanners available for use on the third floor, one on the large computer island and three on the small island. All are connected to Windows machines and two have top-loading capabilities. Users in need of a scanner have priority at these stations.

Stations T3 and T8, the stations closest to the reference desk on the small computer island:

  • Have top feeders (for multipage originals)
  • Can scan to PDF
  • Have Capture Perfect software, to make multi-page PDF files and to apply OCR
  • Require a UM login

Station T2, the computer opposite T8 on the small computer island:

  • Scans to image files only
  • Supports both UM and guest login

Station G15, at the end of the large computer island:

  • Scans to image files only
  • Requires a UM login

Priority use is for scanning items from our collections, especially articles from print journals which may not leave the Science Library. For more scanning options visit ScholarSpace located across the connector on the second floor of the Graduate Library.



MCard Copiers     MCard Copier Close Up

There are three MCard photocopier/printers in the Science Library, all located on the 3rd floor near the large computer island. These are frequently used for copying print journal articles, since Science Library journals do not circulate.

Instructions for UM Faculty, Staff, and Students

Copies made using your MCard are charged to your standard computing services printing allocation; printing beyond your allocation will cause you to be charged at the rate of 6 cents per page.

Swipe your MCard through the card reader. After swiping you will have 15 seconds to select your copy options and start the copying. You can make up to 50 copies per swipe (a security feature). If you use up your 50 copies, press QUIT and re-swipe your card.

If you need more time you can press the HOLD button located in the bottom left corner of the card reader; this will pause the timer and allow you as much time as you need to make your copy. After each copy the timer will reset and begin counting down. Again, if you need more time press the HOLD button on the card reader. For bound volumes, this "feature" often requires that you first press HOLD, align the original, press copy, press HOLD, turn the page, press copy, press HOLD, turn the page, and so forth, until you have copied all the desired pages. Many Science Library bound journals are too large to fit on the MCard copiers in portrait mode; it may help to remove the sheet feeder from the top of the copier in order to hang the other side of the volume off the back, rather than the front (which covers up the control panel). Please replace the sheet feeder when you are finished.

When you are all done, press the QUIT button on the card reader to dissociate it from your MCard.

You may also send jobs to these machines using MPrint. Select Central Campus > South Diag Area > Shapiro Science Library Copy 1 (or Shapiro Science Library Guest Copy).

Instructions for Guest Users

Guest MCards for photocopying and printing are available for purchase from the Shapiro and Hatcher circulation desks. Cards are available in $2, $5, and $10 amounts. The cards cannot be recharged, unless you are using a short code, but they may be recycled at the Shapiro or Hatcher main circulation desks.


If a copier is jammed or out of paper or ink, please inform the staff at the Undergraduate Library Reference or Circulation desks (both located on the first floor). After hours service requests may be called in to 4-HELP, which is available from 8AM-7PM Monday through Friday, 1PM-5PM Sunday, and is closed on Saturday.


Report a Lost or Stolen Copy Card

U-M affiliates who have lost their MCard should see this information page from the U-M Treasurer's Office. 

Guest users can check at the Circulation Desk on the first floor of the Shapiro Library for lost copy cards. The library does not give refunds for lost copy cards, nor are we able to credit additional pages to the card. Circulation staff will replace a copy card that is malfunctioning; ask at the main circulation desk on the first floor if you think your card is defective.

IT Policies


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