Purchasing Copies With a Short Code

Applying Short Code Funds to an MLibrary Copy Card (Guest MCard)


MLibrary Copy Cards (guest MCards) are available for purchase in $2, $5, and $10 amounts at the Hatcher and Shapiro main circulation desks. To add funds to a guest MCard using a short code, fill out and submit Copy Services' Card Charge Form. This form can only be used to apply funds to a copy card; to apply funds to a personal MCard, see below. More information about copy cards is available on the Copy Services website. To report a lost or stolen copy card for reimbursement, use Copy Services' Lost Copy Card form.


Applying Short Code Funds to a Personal MCard

To apply short code funds to a personal MCard you must contact the ITS Accounts Office. Most UM employees are allocated 50 pages of ITS printing per semester; this amount resets automatically at the beginning of a new semester, but funds added via a short code will remain on the card if unused. Questions about MCard printing/copying balances should be directed to the ITS Accounts Office. You can also check your standard computing services resource balances (includes printing).

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Turkish American Friendship Room Policy

This policy applies to the use of the Turkish American Friendship Room (4004) in the Shapiro Science Library and is intended to facilitate fair allocation and efficient use for meetings, as well as the efficient management, scheduling, issuing keys, care of the furnishings and beauty of the room.


Situated northeast on the 4th floor of the Shapiro Science Library, this large room measures 624.8 square feet with a window wall measuring 156 square feet, giving a spectacular campus view. The Turkish American Cultural Association contributed toward the beauty of the room with art work gracing part of the east and west walls and an interior plaque with the following quote: “The truest guide in life is science.” The room is furnished with a handsome credenza and conference table with comfortable seating for 15 people.


The Turkish American Friendship Room was created primarily for use by the libraries and science departments for meetings and conferences. The Room is also available to other campus departments and official student organizations as scheduling permits.


Under the purpose and priorities established, reservations are made in the order in which requests are received. Requests should be made by emailing Theresa Stanko or Tom Hubbard. Reservations must include time for preparation, setting up, breaking down, and cleaning up. The room is available for regularly scheduled (weekly/monthly) meetings. It is not available for University courses.

Equipment and Services

Internet access is available in the room via the UM campus wireless network. A computer with a large monitor, video conferencing equipment, and a speakerphone are available in the room. For technical assistance in using this equipment please contact Desktop Support Services at (734) 936-3821 (6-3821 on campus).

Responsibility and Safety

The Library is not responsible for any lost, stolen or damaged property belonging to users of this room. The room has been furnished as a permanent meeting room; for the preservation of the furnishings and the physical safety of the users, the furniture should not be moved. Users will be responsible for damage to the room, its artwork and furnishings that occur during their use of the Turkish American Friendship Room.

Decoration, Displays, Exhibits

Please do not fix any tacks, glue, tape or nails to any surface of the room, including walls, doors, floors, ceiling, glass, woodwork or furniture. Do not block doorways, fire exits, corridors, hallways or stairways.


The key to access the Turkish American Room is available from the Shapiro Library First Floor Circulation Desk. The group’s designated representative will be responsible for making arrangements for checking out and returning the key and for locking up immediately after the meeting, as well as removal of equipment and cleanup.

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Virtual Tour - Master's Thesis Collection


The Shapiro Science Library manages an archival repository of over 2,900 Master’s theses from selected University of Michigan science departments dating back to the 1920s. Most materials relate to disciplines associated with the School of Natural Resources & Environment and the Department of Earth & Environmental Sciences, though the collection does not contain complete runs from any one school or department and does contain limited representation from other campus departments. In addition to Master’s theses, the collection includes documents submitted in lieu of Master’s theses for a degree requirement, such as scholarly articles submitted for publication, Master’s projects, and practica.

 In many instances, Master’s theses in our collection are the only known cataloged copies in existence. These unique holdings are considered archival, and access is restricted to Library use only. (Whenever the library owns more than one copy of a thesis, the second copy will circulate).

To improve future access to these materials, the library has begun a digitization project. Details related to the eventual storage of and access to these materials are still being worked out. All archival materials in the Science Master's Thesis collection have been relocated to the Buhr Remote Shelving Facility for digitization preparation.

Materials awaiting digitization may be accessed in-person at the Buhr Remote Shelving Facility. Self-service scanning and photocopy services are available at Buhr.

We regret that at any point in time during the digitization project a large number of theses from this collection may be unavailable at any location, for periods of up to a year. This page will be updated periodically with progress reports as more information becomes available. Please send any questions about access to this collection, as well as inquiries about the digitization project, to Lori Tschirhart, Librarian for Natural Resources & Environment and Earth & Environmental Sciences.

Date Status
11/30/2011 Shapiro Science Master's Theses Archival Collection items with first author names of Aagaard-Aulick have been sent to the Digital Conversion Unit and will be unavailable for approximately one year.
2/2/2012 Shapiro Science Master's Theses Archival Collection items with first author names of Axelrod-Berg have been sent to the Digital Conversion Unit and will be unavailable for approximately one year.
2/8/2012 Shapiro Science Master's Theses Archival Collection items with first author names of Bergelin- Brachfeld have been sent to the Digital Conversion Unit and will be unavailable for approximately one year.
3/13/2012 Shapiro Science Master's Theses Archival Collection items with first author names of Bradley-Burger have been sent to the Digital Conversion Unit and will be unavailable for approximately one year.
9/28/2012 Shapiro Science Master's Theses Archival Collection items with first author names of Burgess-Christensen have been sent to the Digital Conversion Unit and will be unavailable for approximately one year.



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About Us

Shapiro Science Library

The Shapiro Science Library provides services and resources to support research, teaching, and scientific inquiry in the fields of Astronomy, Biology, Chemistry, Geological Sciences, Mathematics, Natural Resources and Environment, Physics and Statistics.


The Science Library is located on the 3rd and 4th floors of the Shapiro Library Building, which also houses the Shapiro Undergraduate Library, Askwith Media Library and Michigan Publishing. The Science Library can be reached via exterior doors on the building's north side or via the indoor connector from the Hatcher Graduate Library. See our virtual tour for more information about our facilities and services.

Science Library Course Reserves are located in the Askwith Media Library on the second floor, North end. Materials are available whenever Askwith is open (check the hours database for current hours).

Loan Policies

Science books circulate for one academic term for faculty, graduate students and staff, and 3 weeks for undergraduates. Books may be renewed as often as you wish, unless they are requested by another borrower. Science journals do not circulate, but articles may be copied, scanned, or requested through the 7-FAST document delivery service. Course reserve materials usually circulate for two hours, although loan lengths may vary.

Electronic and Print Resources

The Science Library has a vast array of electronic and print resources, including over 400,000 print volumes. The library subscribes to over 2,000 journals. Both books and journals are shelved by Library of Congress call number. Journals are located on the third floor; books and monograph series (such as Lecture Notes in Mathematics) are on the fourth floor. Many titles are available electronically - check Mirlyn for details.

Science Librarians and Subject Specializations

Science librarians are available to give UM faculty, students and staff in-depth research assistance. Please call the Graduate Library Reference Desk (734-764-9373) or Undergraduate Library Reference Desk (734-763-4141), or contact the subject librarian whose specialization most closely matches your topic or area of interest.

Museums Library

Offically part of the Science Libraries, the Museums Library is located on the second floor of Ruthven Museums Building. The Museums Library is open Monday - Friday 9 AM - 5 PM. Library hours may be shorter during summer or between semesters; be sure to check the current hours. For more information call (734) 764-0467 or visit the Museums Library website.

What They're Saying About Us

"Friendly and fast. I've never had a question the Science Library wasn't able to answer quickly and correctly."

"The Science Library and its Librarians and staff at the Shapiro Undergraduate Library are gems on the University of Michigan campus. Its holdings of books and electronic resources are extensive and thorough. The Librarians and staff are knowledgeable, efficient, hard-working, and friendly."

"Very helpful and courteous staff!"

"The library is one of a few critical factors that have kept me at UM for over 30 years.  The holdings of the Science Library in particular, with their astonishing scope and historical depth, are a foundation for my research and teaching at UM; few other institutions offer anything even close."

"U of M library has the best math collection and we are committed to keep it this way."

"I find the Science Library to be an excellent resource. Both the print and electronic journal collections are excellent and I find the third floor journal space very pleasant, I particularly like the new books section. I very much hope all this continues at the current high level.  I also find the librarians to be very helpful and pleasant to deal with."

"The mathematics library here at Michigan is nothing short of spectacular. With a nearly complete collection of journals, it adds immeasurably to the mathematical life of the department. When I hear from colleagues about the science libraries at other schools, it is clear that here we are way ahead both in the completeness of the collection and the move to electronic access and delivery of material.  I feel very fortunate to be at a department with such an outstanding mathematical library."

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New Books

Generate a new book list based on your own criteria (topic, library location, etc.).

More feeds

New books about Science - last 2 weeks (any University Library location) RSS feed

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Science Library new books - last 2 weeks RSS feed

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Please use Mirlyn to search the complete holdings of the UM Libraries.

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The scientific collections of the University of Michigan Library are a valuable resource for students as well as for working scientists. Particular emphasis is given to Astronomy, Biology, Chemistry, Geological Sciences, Natural Resources, Mathematics, Physics and Statistics. The library owns well over 2,000 scientific journal titles, hundreds of databases, and more than 400,000 print volumes.

Most print scientific literature is collected by the Shapiro Science Library, but the collections of the Art, Architecture & Engineering Library and the Taubman Health Sciences Library contain extensive technical literature as well. The library also maintains specialized research collections for the University's natural history museums (including Anthropology, Exhibits, Paleontology, Zoology and the University Herbarium) and the Biological Station. Much of the journal literature, including historical content, is available in digital format, allowing our users to work wherever is most convenient for them. While Mirlyn provides complete holdings information for our print and electronic resources, many users prefer the convenience of our electronic journals lists.

There are several ways to search the library’s scientific resources. View a full list of scientific databases, perform a quick search using multiple databases, or browse library resources by subject area. Science Library staff have created a number of guides and tutorials to help you get started with your research. For help using science resources, contact Ask A Librarian or email the relevant subject librarian. The Science Library also provides research consultations for in-depth assistance with your research project.

The loan period for Science Library books is one academic term for faculty, graduate students and staff, and three weeks for undergraduates. Journals and most Masters Theses do not circulate. For more information about loan periods and circulation policies please see Shapiro Circulation.

Keep abreast of new print acquisitons in the sciences with our new books feeds, or use our purchase request form to request that an item be purchased by the library.

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Virtual Tour - Turkish-American Friendship Room


Designed to provide space for meetings and conferences, the Turkish-American Friendship Room serves as the main conference room for Science Library personnel. The room is also intended for use by science department personnel (e.g. faculty, researchers,) and UM Library personnel.

Other campus departments may reserve the room as scheduling permits. The room is not available for classes, as a study area, or for student use; other rooms and areas at the Science Library are designed for those purposes. For reservations, please contact Shannon Szalay ( Users should read the full policy for use of the Turkish-American Friendship Room before making a reservation.

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