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Taubman Medical Library

Since its founding, the Dentistry Library had always occupied the same building as the Dentistry School itself.  In 2008, the Dentistry Library broke with tradition and merged with the Taubman Medical Library (renamed the Taubman Health Sciences Library in April, 2010) on East Catherine Street.  The combined Taubman Health Sciences Library provides information on both contemporary and historical knowledge and practice.  However, the collections emphasize the journal literature reflecting the current state of medical knowledge, and this literature is increasingly accessed online. Thus, while the Dentistry collection no longer enjoys close proximity to the Dentistry School, it remains conveniently accessible to researchers near and far.

Photo: Scott Hanley

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Dentistry Library - 1971-2008

Modern Dentistry Library

When the new Dentistry building was completed in 1971, the Dentistry Library occupied the elevated second level facing North University Street. The first level, pictured here, contained the main collection and over forty study carrels with a variety of audio-visual equipment.  Toward the back, the stairway is visible that led to the mezannine level, containing more journals and study areas. When the new library opened, the collection held 23,000 items and continued to grow rapidly, remaining one of the world's most comprehensive academic libraries specializing in dentistry. Soon, electronic resources were also gaining importance: by 1980, the library provided computerized searching of over 100 bibliographic databases, available to all UM students.  Four years later, a student could search 200 databases, while the print collection numbered 43,000 items.

The library remained here until 2008, when it merged with the Taubman Medical Library (as of April, 2010, the Taubman Health Sciences Library) on the Medical Campus.

Source: UM School of Dentistry "Announcement," 1971-72, p. 25; "Announcement," 1980-82, p. 35.
Photo: Patricia F. Anderson

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Dentistry Library in 1940

Dentisty Library 1940

In 1908, the School of Dentistry moved into a brand new building on North University Street, the first time in its history that the School had a home built specifically for its own use.  It remained in use until 1969, when it was replaced on the same site by the current Dental School Building

The library was a prominent feature on the ground floor, and this photograph shows the main reading room as it appeared in February 1940.  The library became a divisional of the University of Michigan Libraries in 1918 and in 1929, with the aid of a 5-year gift from the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching, added a second fulltime librarian, and the first with professional training. This librarian, Inez Bowler, recatalogued the holdings according to the Library of Congress system and researched the dentistry literature so that the library could develop a comprehensive collection. During this period, the Dentistry Library collected every important work on its subject, including journals, theses, pamphlets, and rare books, and was considered one of the finest dentistry libraries in the world.

By 1940, when this photo was taken, the dentistry collection held over 7200 volumes, and the University Library system as a whole had surpassed one million items.

Source: Charles C. Kelsey, "Alumni Bulletin" 1971, pp. 116-118; "Alumni Bulletin" 1973, pp. 66-67; UM School of Dentistry "Announcement," 1931-32, p. 17; "Announcement," 1939-40, p. 15
Photo: Sindecuse Museum of Dentistry
See also the historical notes from the Bentley Historical Library

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UM Dentistry Library in 1897

1897 Dentisty Library

This reading room was located on the second floor of the Dental College building, a former professor's house which stood on the current site of the Chemistry Building. The Dental College occupied this site from 1891-1908, with the dental museum housed on the main floor. 

According to an 1895 issue of the UM Dental School publication Dental Journal, Miss Hubbard, (seen seated at her desk) created the first systematic arrangement and catalogue for the books in the library.  By 1900, the collection contained almost a thousand books and sixteen periodicals, making this no small task for a single person.  The results of her work can be seen in the labels on the spines of the books.

Upon the death of the first Dean, Jonathan Taft, in 1903, his personal collection was added to the library's, which became known as the "Taft Library" until 1930.  The 1904-1905 "Announcement" boasted that the augmented Taft Library "contains nearly two thousand volumes, embracing almost every known work pertaining to this specialty, including a nearly complete file of every dental journal published." Two other former deans, Willoughby D. Miller and Nelville S. Hoff, also donated significant personal collections.

Source: Charles C. Kelsey, "Alumni Bulletin" 1973, pp. 66-67; UM School of Dentistry "Announcement," 1904-1905, p. 25
Photo: Sam Sturgis collection,
Bentley Historical Library

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Plain Language Medical Dictionary

The Plain Language Medical Dictionary widget is a project of the University of Michigan Taubman Health Sciences Library as part of the Michigan Health Literacy Awareness project.

If you would like to embed this widget in your website, please use the following code:
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Community Outreach

The Taubman Health Sciences Library serves the University of Michigan Medical School, Schools of Public Health, Nursing, Dentistry, College of Pharmacy and the University of Michigan Health System. Our "Healthy Communities" program is the external community engagement portion of our outreach services. We assist public health workers, public libraries, community-based organizations, and the general public.

The mission of outreach for the Taubman Health Sciences Library is to promote the health of our community by way of improving access to high quality health information, with an emphasis on underserved communities and the elimination of health disparities.

National Network of Libraries of Medicine Greater Midwest Region NN/LM GMR
The NN/LM GMR is one of eight regional medical libraries in the U.S. that supports the goal of providing equal access to biomedical information for health care professionals and members of the general public through collaborations with medical and public libraries and community based organizations.

Taubman Health Sciences Library is one of fifteen resource libraries that is designated as an Outreach Library in the region for the 2011-2016 GMR contract. These libraries assist the GMR with teaching classes on National Library of Medicine (NLM) resources, providing document delivery to unaffiliated health professionals, partnering with affiliate members of the network to conduct outreach projects, and exhibiting and/or presenting at community events or meetings of health professionals in their states to promote NLM resources and services.



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Presentations & Podcasts: Wetpaint - A Social Multimedia Wiki Tool

Wetpaint - A Social Multimedia Wiki Tool


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