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To request an item on reserve at the Taubman Health Sciences Library, first obtain the call number (consult the Course Reserves indexes in Mirlyn Classic to find this information), and submit your request at the Information Desk.  Information Desk staff will retrieve the item for you.  If the item is available, you will be able to check it out with your MCard.

Additional information about Taubman Health Sciences Library Course Reserves is below.

What is Reserves and Where is it Located?

Reserves maintains a collection of books and other class-related materials to support the academic programs in Nursing, Pharmacy, Medicine and other related subjects. Items are placed on Reserve for courses at the request of course instructors and their support staff. In addition to course materials, we also house computer software kits, videos, and other similar materials.

To obtain Reserve services in person, ask at the Information Services Desk at the Taubman Health Sciences Library.

Obtaining Call Numbers

Searching the Course Reserve indexes in Mirlyn will provide you with the call number information you need to borrow reserve materials. Simply provide the call number and your MCard to the Information Services desk staff who will retrieve and check out the item(s) that you need. You must appear in person to check out Reserve materials.

Unable to Locate a Call Number or Course Listing

If you are at the library and unable to locate your course listing or the call number of an item that you need, stop at the Information Services desk and ask for assistance.  If you are not at the library, for assistance between 8:00 - 5:00 Monday through Friday, please contact Taubman Health Sciences Library staff (call 734-936-1408 or email  If difficulties arise during the evening or weekend hours, you may call the Information Services desk at Taubman (734-764-1210).  Staff on duty will be happy to try to assist you, but may need to refer certain questions to other staff to handle during office hours.

What Must I Have in Order to Borrow Reserve Materials?

To borrow Reserve materials, you must present your UofM ID. If you are not affiliated with the UofM, we will ask for a picture ID that will be held at the desk while the item is in use.

How Long May I Keep Reserve Materials?

Most items circulate for 2 hours but there are some items that will circulate for 4 hours, or 3 days. Materials are loaned out on a first-come, first-served basis. Reserve materials must be returned to our Information Services desk (textbooks may also be returned to our outside return boxes). Materials that are not active for the current term are returned to the main stacks and will circulate for the regular loan period for books.

May I Place a Recall on an Item That is Checked Out?

Recalls will not be placed on items that are currently checked out. If a user wishes to obtain an item that is overdue, the Reserves supervisor will contact the user who has the item and request that it be returned. If the item is not returned before it is three weeks overdue, the users borrowing privileges will be suspended and student borrowers will have a hold credit placed on their account.

What are the Overdue Fines and Who do They Apply to?

Overdue fines are $1.00 per hour, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for all (staff, faculty, and student) users.

Are Overnight Loans Available?

Prior to the evening closing of the library, Reserve items are checked out overnight based on each item's loan period (within 2 hours of closing for 2-hour loans and within 4 hours of closing for 4-hour loans) and are due back at opening of the next business day. Case-by-case exceptions are sometimes made by the Information Services Supervisors that will be based on individual circumstances.

What are the Library Hours?

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